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Daily battle incubator count bug


I have had this happen three times so far since the update, so i decided to capture it on video. What happens is if you have 9 kills towards a daily battle incubator and win two or more kills on your next battle, you get your daily battle incubator, but the extra point does not carry over. In cases where you have 8 or fewer kills and gain enough kills to make 11 or more kills, the extras carry over towards your next incubator. I have an iPhone 7. Any help for this?


That sounds really strange @xilduc3x, could you try rebooting your game and see if the Daily Battle count refreshes correctly? If it doesn’t, our team would be happy to take a closer look at this if you reached out to them here at, and it will be helpful if you included your support key along with any other information you have as well in the email. Thanks!


Mark from Ludia followed up. Couldn’t view my video so i posted it to Youtube

Anyone else noticing their daily battle kills not carrying over?


Hey xilduc3x, I’ve watched the video, and it seems like you had already completed the Daily Battle Incubator requirements for that day, which means you’ll need to wait for the cooldown period before you can attempt the next one. When I’m doing the daily battles, I only notice the defeat counts carrying over if I had not completed the requirements from the previous day. I hope that cleared things up, let me know if you’re still having any issues.