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Daily battle incubator question

Does anyone know what the time path of the daily battle incubator(dbi) is?
I get my dbi and i see next dbi in 8 hours, 6 hours, 16 hours? Why everytime different waiting times?

Not often(lately not anymore) i got the oppertunity to get 2 dbi in a row, but mostly 1 with different waiting times.

And I read a thread about that u can stack 2 or 3 dbi’s? How is that working?

Thx in advance!

I believe the “Daily” part resets at a certain time each day, so if you get it closer to the reset time you’ll have to wait less to get it again than if you got it as soon as it reset. You can’t really “stack” but if you don’t get it one day I think you have the opportunity to get a missed one or two on top your daily one.