Daily battle incubator

It’s every day now? Seems like it or have I missed something?

Yeah… that’s why it’s daily… DAY-LY


Lol, although your comment made me spit my coffee my guess is TS means it’s a daily chore in the daily missions now. But I could be wrong :wink:


It used to be every other day.

True but now we’ve got a daily reward that everyone actually wants so they set the bar a bit higher I guess

Seems logical I guess.

I havent seen it every day, only every other day I either get ‘do 12 battles’ or ‘open 1 daily battle incubator’, if they end up giving the ‘daily battle incubator’ mission every day I think I’ll actually have an aneurism, it’s such a chore to force myself into the nightmare of arena for dna rewards

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To me “Battle 12 times” and “Open a daily incubator” is the same thing as it takes me 12 battles to defeat 10 creatures anyway. Lol.

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Strike tower, tournament and friendly battles count for the 12 though, so at least I dont have to spend all my time in arena on a lucky day

Last week I didn’t have it one time. I’ve had it 2 out of the last three days this week. My son has yet to have the mission this week…