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Daily battles too difficult


I am having such a hard time with the daily battles now that I have a level ten indoraptor. My opponents are all showing attack points over 1500 and my indoraptor has 2600 but my next closest dino has attack points of 733 so I may be able to win the first round of the battle but thats it and the battles change before my strong dinos are able to cool down. How can I get matched up more equally? I am losing interest because the battles are impossible for me to win anymore.

Weekend league, opponents not appropriate to lowest leagues

Sorry to hear it, but glad it’s not just me. I just turned level 64, and we had the update, so I wasn’t sure if the PvE suddenly got so difficult due to the update or some level threshold I crossed. My PvE opponents are crazy! My best dinosaur is a level 40 Troodon (~2000 health, ~1000 damage), but most of my opponents can be up to 3500 health and 1300 damage. No way I can beat that! I’ve quit PvE for now and am just playing PvP. The rewards can be better, anyway; just means I don’t get to get dinosaur unlocks any more. Oh, well. I’ve said elsewhere my dino hatchery is backed up for weeks anyway.


@Tiffanydee55: another thought, if this is helpful. While the daily PvE events are fun, they aren’t all that big of a deal. Except for the ability to unlock dinosaurs in the market, everything they give you can be won in PvP. I mean, why fight through Stakeholder’s visit for 800 DNA when you could win as much in 5-15 PvP matches with dinosaurs that don’t take hours to cool down? Why fight through Rarity Rumble to get a Dilophosaurus card you can win (eventually) in PvP?

So while I share your desire to take part in PvE, I’m trying to say there’s not that much lost in (unfortunately) getting opponents so difficult it’s pointless to play.


I have also noticed a significant jump in opponent strength recently, which has made the PvE harder for sure. I am not 100% sure what changed but I believe it has to do with the indoraptor which does have great stats, however the rest of my dinosaurs are lagging behind in the other classes making for some very hard matchups, yesterday was the first time in a while that I had to speed up the cool down of some of my better dinosaurs to finish the daily PvE battles.


For the record, I do not have an Indoraptor. Only a level 20 Indominus. So I don’t think this rise in difficulty is tied to an Indoraptor. Maybe they upped the difficulty across the game?

I haven’t even bothered to look to see what my opponents are for Monsters of the Deep or Stakeholder’s Visit today. I’m done whupped from how hard the week has already been!


Looks like 2019 is starting out with me still sitting the bench for PvE. I don’t have the Kaiwhekea yet, and wanted to unlock her, but not sure it’s going to happen with matchups like this.

#FirstWorldProbs from JWTG. Still plenty to do in PvP, though. Mostly commiserating in case anyone else out there is scratching their head every time they open the PvE daily battles.

For the record, Cenozoic (It’s a Whiteout) and Aquatic PvE battles still seem very fair. Just the land Jurassic battles that seem over my head.


it seems that this affects everyone, I thought it was just me, to continue like this the only ones who will be able to continue playing these events will be the hackers since an average vd player has problems for these events I can not imagine how the ones that are not will happen I hope that Lidia rectifies this or will begin to lose subscribers.


It’s odd, as I want to say your top Dino line up looks much stronger than mine, and I think I had about the same level opponents for the Kaiwhekea unlock event, and I pretty much blasted through it. I’m not trying to sound arrogant, but that match you show looks like two lvl40 legendary amphibians and one pterosaur could beat them. With advantage everyone would be a 3 hit and evened up


@Isaac_Cocom: I agree that the PvE matchups are currently too hard, but I don’t think it’s only the hackers who will play. @Potato indicates he or she has no problem with the match-up I’ve shared, so some players can beat these kinds of line-ups. And as I’ve said before, even if PvE is a no-go, there’s plenty to do in the PvP world, where the highest level opponent you can possible encounter is 40.

@Potato, you don’t sound arrogant, but either you or I am ignorant of all the facts or skills involved. First, I commend you for your excellence; it doesn’t take much to be a better player than me, but I’m glad you’ve been able to progress further with lesser creatures. Let me offer a couple thoughts:

  1. I agree with your claims in principle about using the class advantages to even the odds, but my dinos, even with the class advantages, can’t make an even match. My highest level amphibian is a level 20 Mastadonsaurus, with health of 1294; that’s less than half of those two carnivores. And my best pterosaur is a level 40 Tapejalosaurus, which could compete with the Sarcosuchus, but that pterosaur has a 16-hour cooldown, which means I get to use it once a day. And if my battle disconnects or I lose, I’m done. So yes, in theory, I agree with you, but in practice, I still don’t have high enough level dinos to take that match on.

  2. The cool-down times for my dinos is such that I can only use them once or twice a day. When other PvE events are going on, like the Fight for Fusion or the Clash of the Titans, I have to pick and choose what I get to try. Not the end of the world, but I’d like to be able to take a swing at multiple events. For reference, here are my other match-ups for Rarity Rumble (how am I supposed to take on those Parasauruses with my line-up?!), Fight for Fusion, and CotT today. All in-theory winnable matches, but not in the same timeframe without spending money on cooldowns:

  1. Do you have a YouTube channel, @Potato? If not, consider making one. Screen record your battles. I’d love to learn from you on how to do better at battles in general. I’d like to think I’m pretty good at using the multipliers, class advantages, counting how many points my opponent has used and has left, recognizing the patterns and behaviors of the bots, but I could certainly learn more!

All in all, I did not mean to whine. What I did mean to do was to indicate that I missed being able to participate and enjoy the PvE aspect of the game. It seems like either after level 60 or after the most recent update, PvE is just at or beyond my reach now, and it may be the case for other players, too. As I’ve also said elsewhere, I’m glad there are numerous other aspects of JWTG to get to enjoy, like PvP, the Cenozoic battles, and the Aquatic battles!


@HanSoloWannaBe thegamingbeaver has a YouTube channel that goes over this game, I picked up a trick from watching him a couple of times when it comes to using a bug in the game. I use it sparingly when it comes to PvE battles when I need to. I generally fight fair and square unless the matchup is very lopsided which it seems to be as of lately. When this happens I institute the big I am referring to which has to do with when you exit the game based on where you are in a matchup.



Just wanted to share some of the daily event battle line ups and my creature selection for today. I didn’t think these were hard and were easy wins for me.

I forgot to take screenshots of all the line ups. Anyhow, these are my Dino’s post battle and cooldown times for those used.

Hope this helps and makes some sense. I’m curious how this compares to your battles for today?


One strategy I’ve been using lately is putting a high health dino out there as a meat shield. I block until round 4, where I go full reserve. That gives dino 2 8 attacks. If I need dino 2 to survive, I use the excess attacks to defend. Otherwise, I reserve and give it to dino 3. Don’t know if you’ve tried this method, but it works, mostly, for me and allows me to beat some high level opponents.


@Andy_wan_kenobi: Good strategy, and one I also employ. All other things being equal, I try to lead with a meatshield (e.g., Apatosaurus, Therizonosaurus) and finish with a glass cannon (Concavenator, Zalmoxes). @Potato’s screenshots show he or she anticipates that the computer will switch out dinosaurs to try to take advantage of the class, which the computer usually (not always) does.

@Potato, thanks for caring and asking. I didn’t mean to usurp this thread into the “Help @HanSoloWannaBe get better” thread, but here’s what I got today. Easier battles, but still tough enough that I won’t be able to finish all available daily events:

This was my opening battle: a fairly easy win thanks to my Mastadonsaurus, Apatosaurus, and a level 40 Dimetrodon that you don’t see.

I then did another battle on Clash of the Titans followed by this battle:

I did not win it, sadly. Even with my class advantages, the opponents just had too much HP for me to take them out before they took me out.

I am now left with these two battle options, along with the significant cooldown times you see (most of my PvE-worthy dinos take 4-16 hours to cool down):

(The second screenshot was taken before I entered into battle; the first in the pair shows you my now-depleted first string of dinos).

Again, it’s not that big of a deal. My entire goal was to remark on how the PvE suddenly jumped in difficulty (at least for me) a week or so ago, such that I’m not able to play all the PvE I’d like to. No big deal, especially in the grand scheme of life. There’s still plenty of other things to do in the game, and I’ve picked up some helpful wisdom from the rest of you. Maybe one of us should/will start a PvE/PvP strategies thread.


this might be another strategy, but the game seems to pick opponents off your strongest dino assets. For example, if you have only one Dino with 2000 health and 900 attack, and everything else is say 500/150, you will get opponents based off the strongest dino in your collection. For that reason I’ve tried to have a big pile of creatures all decent, but not really pushed having stronger dino’s until I can have a bunch of stronger dinosaurs all at once, if that makes sense. I probably get 4x the use of two level 20 concavenators than I would one level 30.


I’ve independently come to the same conclusion, and I think you’re right. My level 40 Tapejalosaurus, my level 40 Troodon, and my level 20 Indominus seem to be setting the status for all my match-ups; those three dinos are well ahead of anything else I have, so I get left behind after those three are exhausted (and each of them has a 10+ hour cooldown). Good words, @Potato. Lesson to all reading: level up your dinos consistently and together, like @Potato says. One John Rambo dino can’t carry your army!


@Potato this is exactly why I almost always wait until I have two or three back ups before I level a Dino to a new level. I will not merge an indoraptor for some time since they are so much stronger than all of my other Dino’s.

the screen shot is showing fuseable creatures that will sit and wait while I build up more of the same. I will have my third indoraptor in about 4 days and they will all stay level 10 probably until I get either the fifth or sixth one based on my other classes being inferior to it just at level 10.


These were my last two matches in the battle for bucks today…

I had to exit the game twice on this battle to win.

Last matchup…

Was able to finish this match with out exiting.


I thought I would put one of my battles here to illustrate one of my scenarios I play through.
The match up:

I put in two fodder Dino’s that will strategically be sacrificed.
First move is to go one reserve.
Opponent will always go for two when one will kill your Dino

This does two things, will allow you to have 3 available hits with your strongest Dino.
In this case I go for two attack one reserve since the next Dino can’t kill me in two shots and two kills the first Dino. The opponent then takes the two shots which will some time happen and sometimes not.

Now I have 4 points to use on my turn (1 reserve and 3 for this turn) I swap in my other foder creature (costs 1 for the switch and put 3 in reserve), this is a partial gamble since the opponent will only have three points on its turn and it won’t have a for sure kill but I have noticed when each side is down to two players they will most always do a three attack. Which it does…
This now leaves me with 7 total points (3 from reserve and 4 for my turn) I use three for my attack which kills the second opponent, use three for defense and 1 for reserve. The third Dino can’t kill me in one shot.. When you are both down to your last Dino and the opponent can kill you in two shots they will almost always go either full out or three attack, in this case they went full out.
And then it is just a cleanup attack at the end…

This battle can be scaled to any set of dinosaurs you face if you are not facing these kind of creatures.

Hope this helps a little for someone.


Thanks for the very specific help. It’s good to learn other approaches.

I generally put in a meat-shield for my first dino, and I just build up reserve points for the first two turns. When the opponent takes out my first dino, I know how many blocks they have left, so I can take out their first dino, and usually the second as well. By that time, I let my second dino become cannon fodder yet again, which gives me enough reserve points to take out the opponents’ third dino.

I probably should start a Combat Arena Strategies thread. There’s so much finesse to it. I’d say the multipliers is the most important factor (on PvP grinding sessions, I confess I have a calculator out to do quick math to see if an opponent can kill me, or how close I can cut it), while the class advantage is the second-most important factor. The pattern I outlined above can be altered by so many things: if the opponents’ dinosaur classes outgun me (e.g., I have one pterosaur and two amphibians, and the opponent has all pterosaurs); gambling on whether or not the opponent used those leftover points for block or reserve; acknowledging, as you did, that the computer will almost always take out one of my dinosaurs if it has enough points to do so. I win about 85% of my matches (Knock-on-wood).

As a veteran of Jurassic Park Builder, I applaud Ludia for really improving the role of the combat arena in the game; it’s considerably more robust in JWTG, though still not so complex that you have to read a strategy guide in order to succeed.

Thanks again for all the help. I do think the difficulty of opponents corresponds to the highest level of the player’s dinos, by the way. Last week, the “It’s a White-Out” event was no problem for me. Since then, I leveled up my Brontotherium to level 30. Today’s “It’s a White-Out” event has significantly stronger opponents (level 200 Archaeotherium!) than mine, so I think it does line up with the difficulty of my highest creatures.


Hi, not sure what you mean by exiting? How does that work?