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Daily boost are gone now?

Their solution to the exploit was to remove the daily purchase option?
Now we don’t stand a chance to be able to compete against the cheaters. WTG Ludia WTG!
Do you guys think about consequences of your lame decisions at all?

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They are working out an overall fix to address the issue. They’ve been gone for days now.

Last message.

Take a donut and chill!

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They removed them from the store due to a bug that allowed some players to purchase and unlimited amount of boosts, which is what has wrecked arena the last few days.

They were taken down from the store because they didnt want the problem to get worse.
Now while sure it sucks that there are hundreds of WAY to highly boosted dinosaurs in the arena as a result, but had they not taken them down without the bug being fixed, we would have THOUSANDS of boosted dinosaurs, instead of however many we have now.

At least taking them down from the shop has halted the spread of the problem while they work out a way to hopefully undo the ones that DID make it through!