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Daily Boost Sales - Here to Stay or Ending Soon?

This may likely go unanswered, but I am going to give it a shot anyway…

Mods/Devs/Anyone at Ludia - are these daily boost purchases going to be a regular thing now? I am not trying to push either way, I just would like to know for my own future strategy planning.

Forum people - My only ask is that unless you have any confirmed information from Ludia, please leave this topic alone. I understand we all have our speculations about what is being planned, but some official information would be nice. If you are interested in a response to this question as well, the best way to support it would be silence with an occasional bump.


Never! Muhahaha

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If we left it alone, it would fall so far down the list of topics it would never be seen again, because Ludia will never answer your question.


Please see above if interested in an official response.

Hence the occasional bump.

They continue to be subpar on the grossing chart. If only they thought long term and offered decent sales I would totally spend more money. But the boost costs just aren’t worth it. Especially when they come and nerf and give some bs reasoning just to make another fotm dino!

Ludia is just desperate.


Occasional bump!

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Occasional bumps… are a great way to get this thread locked and closed… bumping a thread for a bumps sake is against the forum rules… so the only way this thread doesnt fall to no mans land is if we have a discussion.

Lets be honest here… the best case scenario here is the mods are gonna merge this thread with the mega thread on daily boost sales and be like my work here is done.

Actually expecting an answer from Ludia on anything is like the new definition of insanity.


If it gets locked and closed, so be it. That means they have no intent of answering, which was my initial thought (see the first line of my post).

The best case is someone who actually knows gives an answer. I am not expecting a response, but figured it doesn’t hurt to take a shot anyway. What is worst case that happens by asking? I get a snarky response answer from some rando? Don’t care…

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You can always tag the mods. Might get it merged that must faster though.

It’s a pretty good question.
If it’s a daily thing, I can focus on only buying and targeting specific types of boosts I want.
Sadly Ludia has a reputation for being tight lipped.

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Korn’s “Here to Stay” blaring in the background.


Your reasoning for wanting an answer is why you wont get one. If telling you boosts are in the store everyday would affect you buying them all up every day. Why would they tell you?


Because just for me personally, if I knew boost sales were limited, I would be more inclined to purchase more of the other things like coins during the coin sale, or any of the special packs.

If the boosts are here to stay, then I would need to use more discretion regarding my purchases, since my limited funding will only allow one or the other.

If you post such a topic, then you do realise people will respond, right?

Anyways., my crystal ball says Ludia will not directly answer your question. They may mention something prior to the next major update. Seriously., though has Ludia ever directly replied to any such pertinent questions?

Also the crystal says boosts will continue unabated. It makes money. Will any commercial company kill their golden goose?

No official information, but given its Ludia and they love money, I think its probably a safe assumption that the sales are now permanent and will never leave the store again.

Just my honest opinion having watched this game for 1.5 years.


Ned responded a few months ago after the boost release saying boosts are here to stay. So, yes there has been one direct response that I know of.

And yes many people who don’t care if this gets an official answer will be responding. My ask was that those who do care for an answer respect the question as is and simply bump to encourage an official response.

Fault me for trying if you want. Don’t care, trying anyway.

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Great you actually got a reply from them. :blush:

And I am not faulting you for trying again. But I am not confident if Ludia would give a proper reply. It will definitely be good to hear from them about this daily boosts. But I am not counting on it.

After so many disappointing things done to this game, I personally am not that confident in Ludia’s direction. They seem aimless right now. This game seems to be heading in bad direction.

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I am not confident they will either. Their actions of twentywhatever days in a row lead me to believe it is here to stay, but I have no official knowledge of anything, just like all those who commented above.

Which again is why I am asking, if anyone with any official knowledge knows and is permitted to respond. If not, cool - I will just go with what it looks like.

Tldr; nobody official has responded yet, only opinions and speculation given so far.

Actually - I think most people would buy boosts if they knew the time was limited. If you knew they were going to be there forever you’re more likely to buy other things. It’s why so few New Yorkers have ever been to the Statue of Liberty. “Eh, it’s there. I’ll get to it someday…”

And I know I suggested tagging the mods. The problem is they don’t know much abut what is going on in the game. Not knocking the mods at all, they are the only communication we get here and most are awesome, but they are told by management what to say and are given limited information I believe.

I don’t think that @Jorge intentionally lied to all of the players. I think that is what he was told to say, and what he believed to be the truth. If you want to blame anyone blame their CEO Alex Thabet.

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