“Daily” Cash Limits


Can you please look at the “daily” cash limits as mine is not resetting daily but blocking me for 24hrs after reaching the limit so it’s more a “48hr cash limit” eg if I spend all day collecting supplies and reach my limit at 8pm then I’m barred from receiving cash until 8pm the next day. Also as VIP why do I keep getting sets of darts after darts from supply pods ??? Surely once 140 is reached you can splash some dna coin. I had my record of 4 green special event supply pods in a row give me nothing but darts this morning. Not so special. Makes it hard to stay interested in the game as I have 35 dinos awaiting attention and get a measly amount of coins. The work put in for the meager reward is just far too poor and it takes far too long to accumulate anything. Great game otherwise. Please help.


I’ve been at Daily Limit all day today- even though yesterday the game didn’t work all day. But only on the blue supply drops, special green drops work.


Unfortunately mine is both standard and event pods (and I get exactly the same supplies from both). Completely locked out and mainly getting more and more darts with a smattering of 34 coins here and there. I really hope they attend to this. It’s quite ludicrous getting 34 coins and having to try and get 15,000 together to up just 1 dino. At least with the daily cash there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. To be honest right now I’m getting exactly the same supplies as I would if I was not VIP so I’m not sure why anyone would bother going VIP as all you do is get even more dinosaurs you can’t do anything with.


It doesn’t seem to reset at midnight. Mine resets at about 9:45 pm. So I sometimes gather coins after 10:00 pm and it counts towards my next days coins in the morning.


With VIP can you only get 40 cash daily limit from supply drops?


I’ve tried finding it written somewhere and it doesn’t appear to be, but I think it’s 50 cash going by what I’ve been able to collect. Coins are limited to 8,000 a day for Level 9 VIP and 4,000 for Level 9 F2P. The higher Level you are the higher these coin limits are, but there is nothing written about cash limits.

I don’t mind the limits, as long as it re-sets daily, not lock me out for 24hrs after my limit is reached which makes it more like 2 days.


Try rebooting your phone. My coin/cash limit was hit and wasn’t resetting and then I had to reboot my phone for some reason and I was able to get cash and coins again.

In my time zone, the limit usually resets at sundown, around 8:30 pm when the raptors come out.


Thanks for the idea. I did try it, it seems to have settled into re-setting at about 12pm now (for today and yesterday) whereas before it was any random time in the afternoon that seemed to co-inside with when I collected my limit but going by what everyone else has been saying, it might have been a coincidence. Fingers crossed because I’m trying to collect as much cash and coin I can so I can give some dinos some much needed attention :slight_smile:


Yup it’s 40 by the way, I’ve been monitoring.