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Daily Challenge Broken

Today’s first challenge ‘pick gear reward 1 time(s) in a Sharpstone Keep challenge’ has failed to register both times I’ve played through and done exactly this. To add insult to injury, I’ve completed both of the other two daily challenges whilst doing this. I’d much rather spend time working on Jarlaxle than grinding this challenge again to try to do something I’ve done twice…

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I had some issues with items not recording earlier today. The mods suggested I reload the app. After doing so the glitches were resolved. Perhaps this will work for you also.

I’m having the same issue. After reloading the app numerous times the second of the three daily challenges doesn’t register. This one is “choose a gold reward one time in a Hidden Forge challenge”.
I’ve done this three times now.

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Same here. Choose gear reward in Sharpstone Keep, doesn’t work.

I have the same issue, although my challenge is Frostsilver.

Same issue here, gear challenge in heartcoil deep, and I hate that dungeon. I even took the crappy gear over some good gems.

Same problem. Need to take gold as a reward in Frostsilver Mine. I’ve done so twice but it hasn’t completed the quest.

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Same for me…incompetent devs

Same here. Gold 1 time in frost silver.

I am trying to complete the “choose 1 gear from frost silver mines” challenge and every time I roll 2 or more dice and choose the gear it doesn’t complete it. Any suggestion? Has happened twice and now I couldn’t collect daily bonus.

Gem from heartcoil deep. Tried deleting and reloading app. Tried every number that gems are on. Nothing registers.