Daily challenge fault?


I haven’t played since Thursday so never got the chance to complete my daily challenge .now since the tournament ended I’ve been playing as normal and completed my daily challenge only thing is as soon as I completed it a new daily challenge popped up so I assumed I must have hit the timer at the right time and that’s why I had another one but I’ve just completed that one and another has popped up. I feel like I’m not complaining cos I’m getting free stuff and I’m always happy with that but just thought I’d see if anyone knows what’s going on


The daily incubator stacks


Cool didn’t know that .Thanks batman


This is why I love this forum. I ask a question and four minutes later i have an answer :grinning::grinning:


Dodged that brexit vote :wink:


I still hold the Robbie Williams thing against you but I’m trying to let it go :grin::grin: