Daily Challenges: Remove sanctuary interactions

I’m not asking to remove sanctuaries all together because I love having another avenue for gaining DNA esp epics (even with how little they offer).

I just hate the fact you have to do the interactions to complete a daily challenge most days. Sometimes those daily challenges are a grind and now sanctuary interactions have been added that are reliant on how many you get out of supply drops.

At least with DNA collecting you can use capsules or do some walking around and get dinos in the area.


These missions are easier than something like 12 battles, 1 friendly, or 2000 Rare DNA.

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Rather have 12 battles or 2000 rare dna than these sanctuary interactions for daily.

If you battle regularly for incubators 12 battles is easy, also all strike towers count. For 2000 dna you can fuse rare hybrids or request rare dinos dna from alliance.
For sanctuary interactions you MUST collect all F and T from both drops and open at least 3 free incubators. If you miss any or use it too fast you are done.

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I have fused all rare hybrids to the level limit. I can’t fuse any more unless I spend coins to level them up.
If I request from alliance, it can only be done twice a day, and with a maximum of 100 DNA per member which is far from enough and I can only ask for rares which are useless to them (also to me) and wasting my request quota. This mission is annoying.

So you can walk around and get dinos in the area but you can’t walk around and get supply drops in the area? I’ve always obtained the max from normal supply drops within an hour just tapping on supply drops at my house. The green supply drops takes a little longer due to less numbers.

But you can’t say “at least with DNA you can do some walking around and get dinos in the area” when you can do the same with supply drops.


Sometimes there are only a few dinos spawning, sometimes it is raining.
I had once with 1 direct hit away from completing the mission and there was 10 mins left. There was no dinos around and I missed that reward. (no stock of scent left)

I don’t like having to keep them banked.
I would rather spend them as soon as I get them and keep a balance of zero.
It’s just another annoyance I could do without.

Just found out in another thread GPX is allowed to use their phone at work and admits it would be very difficult for people unable to use their phone during the day to do the dailies.

It was not difficult for me to do the dailies before. Now it is because I cannot access the sanctuary aspects due to time.

I also agree to their removal or to the reduction to “at least interact once with all three actions.”

It’s just really difficult considering how Hara my job is to them get home and have to try to find green drops before it says “nah there’s nothing left here for you” and before I know it I’ve got to sleep to go to work again.

It’s really hard!