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Daily coin limit no longer double for VIP?


With the recent help desk post about the daily coin limit by level and by treasure chests it makes no distinction between the coin limit of VIP and non VIP members. I have been VIP for like a month and a week due to the increased limit per day on coins. Can anyone who isn’t VIP confirm if their daily limit has doubled to be the same as VIP now or if the help desk post just isn’t wording it correctly?


You are correct! This updated page shows the change:

Also, the VIP page no longer lists double coin limit:


Well that sure annoys me. I literally just paid $10 for something I’m no longer getting from that payment. Not too happy about that.


I removed my VIP the other day… :slight_smile:


I will be stopping mine - I mainly got it for the incubator (if they gave one per month I would reconsider) but now I get increased coin from the supply drops I simply hit the limit by midday (I walk to work and have two I can hit every 15 minutes from my desk); if I remove VIP I will simply hit the limit towards the end of the day. The increased range is in the "nice to have category); just have to walk an extra 50m if something good appears. So no real benefit.


To bad they removed it, they will lose a lot of customers and ultimately players that way. Gonna stop my VIP right away. I’ll consider it again if they double the coin cap and throw in one free incubator per month.


So…it seems VIP only left 2 benefits:

  1. Drone range.
  2. Double supply drops.

But remove the following ones:

  1. Drone battery power. (VIP can feel drone time decreased after ver.1.3.)
  2. Supply daily limit expansion.

Well…I need that drone battery, cuz it can give me 40~50 more DNA for each common dino.
Also, if you can’t actually collect more resource, but only reach resource limit faster, that’s kinda misleading description.:thinking:


Yep, my son and I just dropped ours too. It was barely on the edge of “worth it” before. Now it’s completely over priced.


I’ve just cancelled my subscription, it’s a shame really but not worth the price, I’ll reconsider if they change VIP benefits for the better in the future :neutral_face:


I cancelled mine as well but it literally just renewed 4 days ago…


Yeah, same here, even tho I cancelled I’ll still be VIP till September 4th :neutral_face:


I just timed a handful of critters at full battery. Accounting for some error at starting the timer as I launched my first dart and stopping at 0, I just recorded between 23.5 and 24 seconds for VIP.

If no one has the non-VIP times, I go off VIP either tomorrow or Monday depending on when, exactly, my subscription ends in the day. I’ll try again then, and report back.


I think non-VIP has 16 seconds to dart and VIP has 24 seconds, but I am VIP so I can’t confirm. But it says that you get 33% more time with VIP so 16 seconds should be it!


If that’s true, then I’m still getting the extra battery life as of this afternoon.

Perhaps not mentioning it is an oversight on the benefits page? I’ll find out in a day or two when I drop off VIP. :slight_smile:


That would be very helpful for us thank you bunners.


Ludia eliminated significant benefits of the VIP and forgot to inform those of us who are VIP. Jerks.

Actions speak louder than complaining so I just cancelled / set to not renew. .


Cancelled mine as well. Great game but nerfing the benefits for subscribers was a pretty daft move. Money talks so maybe (hopefully) they’ll wise up and sweeten the deal again at some point. Until then, I’ll just walk the extra distance for dinos. I’m getting more exercise than ever since I started playing :slightly_smiling_face:


I am going to cancel mine as well. Not worth it just for the extra distance. Dumb move Ludia. Another thing I’d wanted to try but now rather defunct is whether I can get an incubator everytime I cancel a VIP subscription but rejoin it later.



Okay, so I just dropped off VIP and tested on a few dinos. My full battery went from approximately 24 seconds to approximately 18 seconds. A one third increase from 18 would be 24, so…

It appears that even though the benefits page no longer mentions extended battery life as part of VIP, it is actually still there. For now, anyway.


It’s also still on the become VIP page, which is now viewable to me again