Daily creature spawn mechanics?

Do we have fixed rules to these 1.7 daily creatures spawn?

Seems i have daily invasions. Monday about 1 trillion hatzegopteryx, some day was 1 trillion stegosaurus, 1 trillion ofiacodon, ankylo2 etc.

Are same creatures for everybody? Are same dinos for each day of week? Do they replace other localized creature spawns?


It is terrible. If feels like the spawn rate is like 70%. It could be 1/3 of what it currently is and it would be just fine. Was hoping they would have fixed this by now.


The daily spawns over run the local spawns all the time.image

Can’t even tell which zone I’m in sometimes.

Since this migration started, I have seen one smiley and 2 anky.

Have not seen a single epic of anything else on thier days and have been out looking every day.

The commons take up 80% of all spawns too.

These daily migrations were a horrible idea.

its like aliens attack :fearful:

i see almost no spawn of these rare/epic shown in this chart image. but the commons, omg, sometimes i think im near an anthill.

Ant World Alive :laughing:

mmm, this explains why i noticed way less draco2 around my work. before 1.7 i used to dart 5-10 every day. now they seem to be suffocated by daily commons.

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back here to show this weird thing:

new hybrid coming?
thanksfully jwa is rated teen. :laughing:

My question is why was Rexy G2 made a daily migrant? That should’ve been Tenontosaurus, but that would be a good idea and Ludia seems to never have those.

It’s great, I don’t have to see diplocauli for months on end

for me i still have diplocaulus infestation at home hahahaha.
but less draco2 at work. :angry:

maybe ludia keeps control of dna to balance all players/arenas.