Daily defence missions


Does anyone know what does it mean? :smile:

Based on the number needed and earlier ranks, I figured the daily 10 kill battle incubators.

I think that mission should be “open 60 daily battle incubator”?

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Yeah daily defence is open your daily defeat 10 creatures quest

The only problem is, an Alliance can have only 50 members and some are not very active… or don’t battle at all. We’re stuck on 24/60 (46 members). If we make it to rank 4, I hope we don’t face this task again.

Thanks everyone

Hey there everyone. Sorry to bump this post after it is resolved but just wanted to link it up in case there is any follow up questions in the future. Currently, our alliance is collecting as much information as we can and the results can be found here: Alliance Missions Coin/Cash/DNA Amounts and Tasks Info


Thank you, that’s very helpful :slightly_smiling_face: