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Daily Dinos Spawns

Beyond the questions of nerfing and buffing some dinos, quantity and layout of ESD, I was rather bothered that noone shown interest in increasing daily dinos spawns back. I understand that everyone gets tired of daily commons especially that don’t have legendary or unique hybrids, but don’t you miss about previous quantity of rare and epic daily dino spawns ? Do all of you have enough Tyrannosaurus, Lion, Anky, Smilo and etc ?
Wouldn’t it be better if we can stay with this daily common spawn rate, but increase rares and epics back at 1.10 update or even before it ?

  • Everything is fine, I don’t understand you bothering about
  • All Daily spawn rates should be reversed to 1.09
  • All Daily spawn rates should be reversed to 1.10
  • Rare and Epics spawn rates should be reversed to 1.09
  • Rare and Epics spawn rates should be reversed to 1.10

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Was 1.9 where they were everywhere?

Ideally they need to be common enough to that you can collect a decent amount of DNA each week but not a plague like they were when dailies were first introduced

I think just the epics should increase.


I have noticed a change in regards to the epic spawns between the two updates. Before I would rarely ever see the epic zone spawns. Now I am seeing them a lot more. I think epic spawns need to be increased over all regardless if it is zone or daily. Lol :slightly_smiling_face:

I am fine with it now. Sure everyone wants more epic DNA and they gave us a little boost as a special thing for a short time. It was awesome. But it is not meant to be easy to get. The best thing to do is make use of alliances and sanctuaries. It just takes time.

Every time they nerfed the spawns, i kept saying the commons were the only problem. Epics and rares were fine. I need that Maia!

i want the commons back to normal aswell. increase the other spawns. its not like the maps are saturated. very little spawns.

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Most of the spawns are hidden now, It’ll appear when you’re standing on them or very close to.
The other thing that make spawns visible is drop site. So yeah after map update (1.11) many places looks like nuclear wasteland or just desert =D
I think if things wouldn’t change soon we deserve tumbleweeds animation at least :rofl:


I don’t talking about rare and epic spawn rate increasment. I want to see more daily dinos among the global and local spawns. I’m okay with seeing/catching from 3 to 7 epics (without scents) in one day like I always do.

Daily Epics become almost exclusive this days and that’s is what I’m talking about.
Previosly I see from 2 to 5 Daily epics, 2 to 3 global and 2 to 4 local, last two is hard to count due to large count of bank and restaraunt nests. Now I can see 1 Daily dino in 5 days.

I don’t see Maiasaurus for three weeks in a row. Today I catch first Darvi in three weeks, and etc.
I also caught 5 Anky for two monthes, but I catch from 1 to 3 Kentro in day. I’m living in 4s zone
I want to see some more daily epics.

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Yeah, they’re some annoing in 1.9 but I think to make poll full I should add this option

Can I just have any dinos back in the estate, the nuked wasteland is getting a little old now

Visibility of spawns is another problem map update is bringing to us.

There is 3 problems if I don’t forget anything.

  1. Quantity and layout(clusterization) of ESD (Event Supply drops), and drops overall
  2. Visibility, quantity and distribution of spawns
  3. Daily dino spawn rate
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Daily spawns are hard to find rare and epic now. I never had a problem with how it was in the beginning

Thank for all of your votes and replies, I think would be better to gather more votes before handling this to Ned or someone else of support or community managers =)

I happy to see I’m not alone wanting daily dinos back to normal state =)

Upd: Maybe I should add information about other map update problems to the top.

It’s been over a week now, I hope everyone who is interested in increasing daily spawns see it and vote for it.

can we please bring this to the attention of the devs?

the worst thing they did is HIDE the epics (yes hidden because I rarely if ever see them anymore and I’m on a train 2 hours every day!) and LOCK them up as a day exclusive dino that cannot even be attracted by epic scents (? not 100% sure but never worked for me), a lot of us cannot go hunting on certain days of the week (because we have jobs, family, friends, etc etc)

the daily epic spawn rate really needs to be increased AND daily epics MUST also be selectively be attracted by epic scents, just think about it: it’s a win win situation for the devs because they WOULD SELL more epic scents IF those actually selectively attracted more of the daily epics than any other epics, so players would be more inclined to use epic scents since they would know that they actually would be able to dart the epics they are searching for!

ankylosaurus is the worst of those epics as it required in huge quantities to make 2 legendaries which in turn are needed to make 2 uniques!!

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I was thinking about calling Ned after 50 votes, but this poll went stuck so I was decided not so many people really cared about dailies. That dissapoints me, but I decided to wait and move on =)
Maybe now when poll cames back to top, it finally can have some more votes!