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Daily Dinosaur Mission Reward


Why is it always the same daily dinosaur reward for weeks, or even months at a time?!!

First it was TRex for months, then a few weeks of Anky, now it’s about 2 weeks of the golden chicken! Why can’t it be different EVERY DAY? That would be an exciting thing to look forward to! And since Ludia is “ALL ABOUT BALANCE” (said sarcastically), it wouldn’t overload people with single epic DNA!

Ourano one day, TRex the next day, Blue the next day, Stygi next, Conc next, Kentro next…etc. etc! Just something VARIED!! It’s so boring. Am I the only one that thinks this would be good!!!


There is always a simple answer.If tomorrow we have Stygimoloch for reward,i won’t be tempted to battle in the arena.So fewer players in the arena causes more frustration for the people who wants to battle but cannot find opponents.


Ourano, Kentro, Anky, TRex, Darwin, Monolophosaurus…any usable epic and I’m going to battle for it. Even IRRITATOR would be awesome at this point!! There are tons of options where people would still fight. I agree with you though that I was probably exaggerating with Blue, Conc, Stygi and the like. :wink:

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I’m fine with it being what monthly? Weekly? It gives (me at least) a good amount of time to stockpile up some epic DNA. I also wouldn’t mind Stygi DNA.


This is one aspect of the game that has been perfect IMHO :smiley:


I just posted a book in another thread regarding mission dna being the same for so long is bad for the long term game.

You see 100 thread complaining about all the trykos, erlidoms, thors in the lower arenas and how its st Patrick’s days faults… yet everyone wants to get the tryko, erlidom, thor dna so they can progress their team. Never realizing every single player is getting that dna. So all your doing is keeping up with everyone else.

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It’s to give players a chance to collect Epic DNA and level up to create the hybrids. Just a single day of one wouldn’t be of any use and what of for some real life reason you can’t play as much that day? It makes sense to let it be the same for a month at a time.


If they were rotated enough it wouldnt be an issue… i think a week is fine… a month is to long if you disagree think about this if next daily was ourano. If it was in for a week everyone would get a small boost and those close to making dieno would get the push… now leave it in for a month and everyone has it. And some have been able to push theirs up multiple levels.

Getting the same dna everday for a month is terrible for long term balance… especially when its tyrant dna for 3 months straight.