Daily Dinosaurs - Common/Rare/Epic Types Are Not Consistent Spawn Rates Day To Day

I don’t want to make this a complain thread by any means, although i guess it sounds like it.

Maybe I am misinformed on this subject. Are the spawn rate percentage ratios the same for each type of creature from day to day? Let’s just exclude the Common dinosaur from the list.

Tupandactylus (Rare) - I see it commonly every Monday. If I need one I know I’ll find a nice amount of them, no doubt.

Smilodon (Epic) - I may find 1 every Monday, sometimes I don’t see any at all.

Elasmotherium (Rare) - This thing is pretty common. I know I will see a handful of them every Tuesday.

Procerathomimus (Epics) - I’m not sure if I have seen 1 of these since this “Season/Event” whatever has started. I may have seen 1 before, but I can’t even be honest if I have or haven’t.

Ankylocodon (Rare) - I have seen them maybe not every Wednesday, but I know I’ve seen them. If I do see it though it is probably one 1 time a Wednesday.

Maiasaura (Epic) - I’ll see it, maybe not every Wednesday though. Sometimes I may find 2 on a Wednesday. Kind of rare I suppose.

Marsupial Lion (Rare) - I see this pretty commonly every Thursday. They spawn pretty frequently around me.

Purutarus (Epic) - I have never seen 1 of these in the wild on a Thursday.

T-Rex (Rare) - Dime a dozen! I found 4 in the same location of probably 100 feet in less than 15 minutes yesterday. This thing spawns just as much as the common on Fridays! Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take it.

Edmontoguanodon (Epic) - Probably seen only 1 since they’ve been out on Friday. If I’ve even see one that is.

Purrolyth (Rare) - Very hard to find. I know I found 1 this past Saturday and i’ve seen at least 2 others before. It is very hard to find.

Darwinopterus (Epic) - Very hard to find! Sometimes I may get lucky. I’ve gone from finding 4 on a Saturday. To finding none consistently on Saturdays. This past Saturday I drove over 50 miles and found 1 and it wasn’t there for my girlfriend.

Triceratops (Rare) - Dime a dozen. This thing is on every corner, every yard, every neighborhood, every store. You see it almost as much as the common!

Ankylosaurus (Epic) - Hit or miss. Today I found 4. Normally I may find 1 every Sunday. Sometimes I don’t find any at all.

So these are the way that I experience the Rare & Epic spawns of each creature from day to day and week to week.

I’ve noticed some Rare creatures spawn a whole lot more than other Rare creatures. The same goes for the Epic creatures. Are they on different percentage ratios or are they all the same?

Example, as I have no idea how the % really works. Epic creatures spawn rate 33% chance to find across the board for daily dinosaurs. Or is it more like Monday 33% Tuesday 25% Wednesday 10% Thursday 58% Friday 40% Saturday 12% Sunday 25%

Very Hard to find:

Very Easy to find:
Marsupial Lion

What do you guys experience when you play? I play for hours and travel pretty far each way 1 way and then back. I go through a lot of the same places day to day or same places every day of each week.

Do these creatures spawn at certain times or certain areas for each type or is it just anytime any location all day for each of the days of the week.

Thanks for reading, sorry it was long.


I’ve had pretty much the same experience.

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My experience is pretty much the same except i usually find more Smilodon and Maia. My complaint though, would be that the commons and rares dominate the map and diminish the local spawns to almost nothing sometimes. When Hatz is out, 90% of the spawns are Hatz. Every direction, Hatz. For miles and miles. Some rares i don’t mind, like Elas and Marsupial Lion, because they lagged so badly for weeks and i was unable to hunt them until recently. So i have some catching up to do. But i would like to be able to hunt other dinos besides just the daily spawns. I heard the spawn ratio was 1:1 with the normal local/global spawns, but daily dinos seem overwhelming. There’s no way It’s 1:1


Well, the hybrids are harder to find because they’re hybrids. Instead of fusing them, you can skip that process and dart it right away. So they’re rarer than the others to compensate for that.

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So a rare hybrid is harder to find than a normal rare?

If that’s the case we should have a rare hybrid & a rare everyday. Then epic hybrid and epic on the weekend. This way a rare could still actually be found everyday of the week and we not get the short end of the stick with a hybrid.

That’s correct, hybrids are rarer, even if it’s a rare hybrid, it’s still rarer than a normal rare

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So there is 6 rare hybrids unless I’m missing one. Too bad as of now we are 1 short or they could implement a common, rare, rare hybrid, & epic each day.

On topic.

So the rare vs rare hybrid explains why they are different ratio. Why we see less purrolyth than T. rex or triceratops.

What about the epics? There is a epic hybrid, but besides that why is ankylosaurus so much easier to find than darwinopterus

It’s the same for ALL hybrids, hybrids are just rarer than their respective non-hybrid counterparts.

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As for why Ankylosaurus is easier to find, well, I actually have more luck with Darwin than Anky.

I live in Italy and 2 times a month I do Pesaro - Bari and back (600 km plus 600 km ). Can you believe me if I tell you that I have never seen one hybrid? Even walking in the 2 cities there is no sign of hybrids

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I’m basically the same

Epic Hybrids are hit and miss ( got 2 Puru this week after a long absence) and haven’t seen a Smilodon for weeks

Maia is a plague for me and get 2/3 each time without doing much. Same with Anky and Darwin can consistently get 1 or 2

Rare hybrids? What rare hybrids? I normally hunt when it’s their days as they spawn so little so nothing to block local spawns like on other days when rares are a pain in the butt

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This is my encounter since the daily migrations.

Tupandactylus (Rare) - I often see this multiple times on Mondays. This morning I woke up, logged on and one was right there. No concerns about not finding this one on Mondays

Smilodon (Epic) - I find the odd one, maybe 2, but most Mondays I find none.

Elasmotherium (Rare) - I see more of these on Tuesdays than I see Tupan on Mondays, and that’s quite a lot already…

Procerathomimus (Epics) - Only ever seen once ages ago…

Ankylocodon (Rare) - Hardly ever see these, maybe i’ve seen them once but that’s about it.

Maiasaura (Epic) - I believe i’ve found these twice, but no more than that…

Marsupial Lion (Rare) - I find these even more common than Elasmo on Tuesdays.

Purutarus (Epic) - Never seen this fella.

T-Rex (Rare) - Plenty of these spawn enough times to ensure you’ll get a good handful throughout the day.

Edmontoguanodon (Epic) - Seen it once I believe.

Purrolyth (Rare) - Saw my very first one this Saturday, never before.

Darwinopterus (Epic) - Believe i’ve found it twice but no more than that.

Triceratops (Rare) - Very common to see, about the same as Elasmo at least on Tuesdays.

Ankylosaurus (Epic) - Seen a few times, probably the most common epic i’ve seen but it is still very low at 3 or 4 times.

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So it seems a lot of us are experiencing the same things. Good to know I suppose.

I’m wondering when these will change. Maybe quarterly or something?

It’s known that hybrids spawn many times less often, but in my opinion the daily hybrids should spawn at normal rates.
I have seen 2 or 3 Purutaurus so far and 1 or 2 Procerathomimus, but fusing them is easy enough, so I don’t really care.

Well it’s now known to me too as of the other day haha. I figured, a rare is a rare in terms of spawn rate. Or an epic is an epic. Now I know there’s a difference.

It still doesn’t explain why T. rex floods the map almost as much as the common but the other non hybrid rates aren’t as frequent.

I experience the same spawn rates the OP stated. Good job!

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