Daily limit reached for green bucks?


I see a message now that says my daily limit has been reached on the green bucks. At a stop I cannot collect any longer. As a monthly member I find this not acceptable! What is the limit? 30? I have not hit many stops and you only get about 3 anyway. Thoughts??


40 per day is max from stops

Plus we’ll say an average of 5 Green Bucks a day from the free incubator. So that’s 315 Green Bucks a week for free.

Also considering gold at lets say level 13 for example can max gold payout from stops only at 10,400 a day. Additionally there is approximately another 3000 gold a day from fighting for incubators and what you get from opening those incubators each day. Those two together total around 94,000 gold per week. Adding in an additional roughly 20,000 a week from all strikes and chests puts the week free gold total around 114,000. Using the 4500 Green Bucks for 250,000 Gold package as a reference, that’s approximately 2050 Green Bucks worth of Gold for free each week as well.

This brings our total approximate (using low averages throughout) free Green Bucks per week to almost 2400. There is an offer for $19.99 for 2600 Green Buck in the store…

Illustrated to show that they in fact give us quite a lot.


It may seem like a lot but the costs of leveling dinos dwarfs what they actually give us. It can take all month to level a couple dinos if I just wait for the free payouts. It’s very unbalanced once you have multiple high level dinos.


True. But honestly, how long would you expect to play this game if you could get Dino’s to level 30 in a week? The game was designed to be more long term than short term. Almost all mobile apps are designed for a “long haul” type of building. If not, there wouldn’t be much point in the effort afforded to code them in the first place. Too many complaints about not being able to keep up with the front runners. Design is intended to play long term and have fun building, not to be an overnight success.


I understand it’s a long term thing, but it becomes stagnant if your dinos just sit there at the same level while everyone else around you advances. They shouldn’t let us collect so much DNA if I’m not meant to level up more than once or twice a month. I resorted to doing free offers to get in-game cash instead of paying real money so I can keep up and even those take forever to payout half the time. I’m owed over 2k cash and I’m just sitting here relying on daily limits to pile up just for one level up. It’s a slow, boring crawl at the free to play pace.


Max, stop leveling up your commons. That’s a sure way to deplete your coin supply. Nobody improves by getting their Lythromax from level 9 to level 14.

You aren’t using all your Stardust to level up your Best Rattata and Pidgey, are you? Of course not, so don’t waste your coins on worthless leveling.

I have about 80-100 leveling ups I’m just ignoring.


I only focus on leveling my team. I haven’t senselessly leveled any dinos since early June when I started playing this game. You can see how expensive it is to level up in the pic below. And imagine fusing costs on top of that for hybrids. I’m far from a noob when it comes to this game.


Got it.

Actually I’m admiring your team. Better than mine but it looks like we have similar strategy on building a team for battles. I’ve done some, but not all, of the level-up offers which has given me some cash reserves. I don’t purchase incubators - only use cash for coins. Even then I wait for the deals.

You are about 90 places higher than me on the leaderboard. Neither of us has a chance at top 20


I doubt I’ll get top 20 but I’ve been as high as 29 in this tournament. I used to do the level up offers but the last few were $50 and I didn’t feel like spending that much after already buying other offers shortly before that. And then I got mad about how they handled the cheating so I stopped spending money except for VIP. I was a higher rank last night when I signed off but I dropped like 30-40 ranks in between playing since everyone’s moving up during the day. And I just lost a few battles right now so I’m coming down fast haha! I’m just shooting for top 50 in this tournament. That would be great if I can get back there and maintain it until the tournament ends. I’m actually shocked to see someone else using Koolasuchus Gen 2. Now I don’t feel so alone on that choice. It’s a pretty tough dino, depending on which dinos you’re facing. I just brought it back on my team in the last couple weeks because I needed something with a nullifying attack and it was the one I could level the highest. It has decent attack power too.


My high was 56th but was hanging around 80-150 for about a week. Then a couple days ago I plummeted to way below 500. Now back to 160 or so, depending on how everyone else does when I’m offline. Will make a late push for top 100 on last day but 250th is the same for prizes, except for 500 epic DNA.

Kool G2 is good for it’s damage and nullify. We both seem to need that since we are leveling Stegoceratops rather than using fuse DNA for Mono. And we seem to both be shipping Indoraptor. I just can’t seem to focus on 2,000 VRap DNA per fuse.

Having a raptor on the battle team after the nerfing seems to work as well.