Daily limits all in one place : many thanks


(just press the information (I) button to see them)

This is perfect and clear. Many thanks for this :heart_eyes:
Just add in-game statistics and it will be perfect

(plus it seems they have reset limits because I had already reached them before update so more coins today :slight_smile:️)

Coin limit we have info

Don’t know if coin limits are higher or we just get better info now. But it’s higher than I always believed.

Reset time is wrong for me. Game using local midnight not server midnight.

You can see for yourself by checking I at stops they are independent limits on orange and green stops. At 16 and vip total 18600 coins, 2 scents, 50 hc

Orange Screenshot_20180919_040657



Nice. I was wondering if there was 2 different limits because I was still able to get coins from the green boxes after I hit my orange limit. I was gonna test it tomorrow but this saves me some time for sure.