Daily limits and excessive dino suggestion


Let us sell dinosaurs we’ll never use for DNA that we can save up to trade in for better specimens, and ditch the coin limit. I cap out within two hours every day and all my dinosaurs require at least 8k to evolve. That’s ridiculous. I think the cash limit makes sense but there’s no reason for there to be a coin limit especially with how expensive evolving is

Just ideas from a VIP who wants better for this game.


Great suggestions!!! :clap::clap::clap:


Very good suggestions I don’t like the coin cap either I would play for much longer if it wasn’t there!! It’s like Pogo having a max daily stardust!! It hard enough finding the DNA we want then we gotta save over a week maxing coins daily for 1 upgrade, while having the DNA for the next 2 or 3 ready. ATM there is absolutely no reason to dart something you have already created and does not have a fusion why not have a DNA market where we can trade these useless DNA for other DNA or coins this would mean you have something to do when spawns just aren’t agreeing with your needs