Daily limits... Boo!

I really dislike the daily limits.

First, I understand why they exist. The developer wants to limit users to take advantage of our compulsions to excel. Also, limit the ability of cheaters to advance past legit players.

Here is why I hate it:
On days I work, I am basically limited severely on my ability to reach them, so I miss out a lot on my daily cap. Basically loosing out on thousands of coin. On my days off, I grind to get those coins only to hit my limit very early on, therefore essentially (in reference to coins and cash) wasting my time.

Here is how it can be fixed:

First, keep the daily limits to keep Ludia’s cash flow opportunities and still limit any cheaters left in the game.

Next, roll unused limits into the next days limiting the total rollover at the end of each week.

Then, be nice to the fan base and raise the limits of coin and cash slightly to help players who have plenty of dna but no coin to level their little pals.
Lastly, establish insentives to hit your daily and weekly limits via bonuses.

Just my thoughts, what do you guys think?




I think its about business.Ludia makes daily limit.to make player spend their money for developing games and gives salary for staff.

I don’t doubt that a bit. As a company the bottom line is to produce a profit. But keeping your fan base happy usually proves to be more marketable for long term success.

While I definitely enjoy the idea of daily limits rolling over for even a short period of time, since I’m not able to get out there and get my full allotment every day, its something I don’t ever see them implementing sadly =\

I definitely feel as if it is doable. I really feel that it would show players that Ludia cares about its fanbase if they were to make some small adjustments as well. Because right meow, it simply feels as if the bottom line is more important than the people who play. Would you agree?

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I Agree with you about daily limit.Need a lot of coin for build competitive dino,day by day. Ludia need give more treasure case.:grin:

Totally agree with and love the idea of rolling over to the next day!

Btw I love Sylvanas, she is awesome and sexy at the same time =D

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I’d say, lower the limit but increase the rewards per supply drop. My guess is most of us don’t even reach half of the daily limit.

Each day I go on a bus ride dedicated to getting my coins capped, working well for me so far!

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That sounds like an excellent idea. I may Check-out my local bus routes?

yeah but then it’s the “give a mouse a cookie then it will ask for a glass of milk” sort of thing. someone will find something wrong with weekly limits and want it to be monthly. someone will find something wrong with monthly then yearly, etc.

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That is a pessimistic way of viewing it, although I find it difficult to disagree with you that a few would feel that way. I guess after reading these forums a while I can clearly see how you would come up with that.

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