Daily Login Bonus

Daily Login Bonus is basically rewards you can get by playing for a whole month

Day 1: 20,000 Food
Day 2: 50,000 Coin
Day 3: 200 DNA
Day 4: 50 Bucks
Day 5: Common Dino
Day 6: 50,000 Food
Day 7: 135,000 Coin
Day 8: 800 DNA
Day 9: 120 Bucks
Day 10: Rare Dino
Day 11: 185,000 Food
Day 12: 300,000 Coin
Day 13: 1950 DNA
Day 14: 300 Bucks
Day 15: Super Rare Dino
Day 16: 500,000 Food
Day 17: 895,000 Coin
Day 18: 3000 DNA
Day 19: 950 Bucks
Day 20: Legendary Dino
Day 21: 530,000 Food
Day 22: 1,000,000 Coin
Day 23: 10,000 DNA
Day 24: 2,050 Bucks
Day 25: Limited Edition Dino
Day 26: 5,000,000 Food
Day 27: 8,000,000 Coin
Day 28: 500000 DNA
Day 29: 35,000 Bucks
Day 30: V.I.P Dino

Note: If you don’t play you will still get the stuff you missed in your JW: TG Inbox

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Please tell me this isn’t a serious suggestion…


Why are you aaying that it should not be serious?

500,000 DNA just like that for logging in consistently for 28 days? That will give away too much considering the time period.


It is for making all your creatures Level 40.

But why would you want to get such a huge head start for literally the only effort being entering the game everyday for 28 days? Does it not defeat the entire purpose of patiently working the way towards progress?


It’s for players who want a Level 40 quickly haha.

I don’t mean to be rude, but that’s an invalid reason. “Wanting something quickly” doesn’t excuse players from the same grind everyone else have to undergo to reach a good position in the game. It people have everything handed to them so easily what’s the purpose of even playing?


Hmmmm okay.

I have to agree with @Jurassic_Fury and all his points made above.

Ludia already does this in a way at certain times of the year, 12 days of Trexmas for instance. They just don’t punish you if you haven’t logged in on one of the days.

There are also certain events that require you to have made progress before doing them like COT as well as we have had times where you had to finish in a string of tournaments to be able to do a certain event in the future.

There just doesn’t happen to be a specific reward that builds for logging in every day. At least not a specific one from Ludia. You do typically make progress in the game though if you login and play everyday, which in it self is the reward.


They also do that with the VIP subscription up for 18 months, not daily but monthly. :man_shrugging:t2:

I don’t think they don’t have a reason to do that to keep people busy with the game everyday, unless a great money flow comes in return.


35K bucks and 500k dna :rofl: :rofl:
when pig fly maybe


Hahah for the day 30, “R.I.P. Game” instead.


no more money for ludia is they ever implement that, this should be for each year or century


and a vip dino is nothing compared to 500k dna or 35k bucks


This made me lol for some reason.

To be given those amount of resources through hard earned graft in the game is insane let alone to be given it for free omg :rofl:


The suggestion of your’s is very nice @Procoptodon!

The thought of having some sort of login bonus would be a nice to start the game for the first month, but the prizes you input there were a bit to much. Plus think about it would ludia really make it that easy for players to get resources that easy?

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Maybe do like I don´t know 4,00 food, and 1,000 DNA.(not good with hight number so with this is high that why), and how about 100 super DNA.


Hmmm say less.

that rewards should be for logging in for a whole year

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