Daily login rewards don't exceed cap

Just logged in and got my day 2 rewards - 26 darts :upside_down_face:

Worst part is that since I was already at 350, I got exactly zero darts. Sure fine, it’s just darts but what about when we get to the “good” rewards? Since we can’t go back and look at the 28 day calendar, I don’t know which day(s) I have to go and burn X number of Y item, in order to make room for the freebies.

There’s gotta be a better way. At minimum, give us a button back to the 28 day calendar so we can see what’s coming up? And please either increase these artificial caps, or let us exceed them, as if these were purchases. You ARE trying to incentivize people for logging in, correct? Not punishing them for not paying super close attention to a very minute detail.


@Ned would there be some way to get back to this calendar

Perhaps next to the News tab?

If the daily rewards aren’t going to go over the cap, lots of them are going to be wasted as we can’t choose when to accept them. Seems like as soon as the day rolls over, you are brought to the calendar upon the next login and so if you’re maxed out on the particular item, you won’t actually be rewarded anything.

If we could at least X out, make space for the item, then navigate back to the calendar to collect the reward, it would alleviate this issue.


Hey Somedinoguy. Currently, the calendar can only be accessed the following day once the icon disappears. However, I’ve forwarded the feedback to our team to make it more accessible!

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The daily login rewards (daily gifts) hasn’t shown up for except the first day. What time is the “next day” considered? I logged in Tuesday 8pm ish, downloaded the update and got my first daily rewards. Logged in several times Wednesday up till 9:30 pm and no daily rewards showing yet.

I believe mine rolled over at midnight, local time.