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Daily Migration (Opinions)

With all the negative things going on with 1.7 date (not going to call it an Update) lol. I wanted to do a little positive thread. I was wondering what everyone was thinking so far about the Daily Migrations?

Personally, I love this. This is the best part of 1.7 for me. I am finally able to shoot Stegosaurus again! I know it’s in parks but my large local park isn’t considered a park in the game although it is on google maps.

So yesterday i shot so many stegosaurus and i was finally able to level my Stegodeus to 28, it had just been sitting forever at the same level. It went up so fast after finding them all.

I’ve tapped every dino/creature to find out what spawns on what days (spent close to an hour) in my collection. Then found an image on here posted haha. Anyways, I am looking forward to some of these days. Not every creature is great and i haven’t seen all of the creatures each day especially the epics.

For me personally this is the best addition to the game since the 150m range where you can hit supply drops etc.

What’s your thoughts?


I love it a lot as well !

Honestly, I was okay with anything that would have changed the same dinos I keep seeing around me. The hybrid pursuit thingy was a step in the right direction, now with the daily migration, it’s even better.

To be honest, I was expecting it to be on a lot bigger scale, not just 1 common, 1 rare and 1 epic per day. I was expecting more dinos assigned per day.

But hey, It’s still good.


I love it. The new migrations are letting me find dinosaurs that I don’t see often and I can get a decent amount of DNA from them.


Its so such better. An extra 21 creatures where people are every week.

Even the over spawn common are at least not Einiosaurus.


yeah i’m just so glad i’m not shooting suchomimus every 5 minutes now. i’m so tired of seeing that stupid thing.

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Very nice change of pace. Really nice to have different Dino to dart.

One thing I did notice is the lack of original Local spawns each day. For me, it was a little overkill on the amount of the new spawns. If someone needed suchomimus and went to L4, it would be almost non-existent. I saw maybe two or three a day this week. For those of us that hunt mainly in our nearby Local, it is a blessing as we should be maxed out on storage with them. But how is someone who might need them going to hunt them?

Overall great addition, just needs a little tweak to spawn rates.


Glitches aside, this patch brought some plus: spawn rotation and opt-in tournament. What’s flawed remain flawed, but these highlights got me kind of surprised.


you have a valid point there.

i’m glad they are out all day though because i know not everyone works a 9-5 schedule. for instance it sucks that raptors normally only spawn at night time. if i have to get up at 5am i’m not going to be out all night looking for raptors. (i know this is a little unrelated but you know what i mean.)

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So yesterday, I got just over 14K stagasaurus’s and today I got quite a few triceratops. I may split between stegodeus and maybe finally work on getting monoceratops up more to team level.


i have seen a lot rare triceratops today. today i have seen more of the D.M. rates than i have since it has started. At the same time i have seen a lot of the common Dilo all day. Both are fine. I did find 1 epic Ankylosaurus.

as far as Stegodeus Vs. Monoceratops. My mono is still at 16 lol i didn’t care for it as much as Stegoceratops goes, but Stegodeus is one of my favorite fighters overall so i’m going to max it before anything. I’d almost rather take Stegoceratops to max opposed to Monoceratops.

This is one of the aspect of the update Ludia really thought out well…

Daily migrations do tend to spawn a little more often then local commons so those that need them can stock up on the commons. Nicely in one day.

Daily migrations are not on scent spawn tables so using free common scents you can specifically target local spawns and hybrid pursuits.

So in a sense both parties can get what they want.

Its a little disappointing i cant get the daily migrations epics on an epic scent… but it also probaly balances spawns.


Personally, the idea is great. But I feel it’s overwhelming the locals…I went to Local 2 the other day and I found about 2 Euoplocephalus and not a single Erliko G2.

I think if they somewhat reduce the probability of daily spawns, that would fix it. Alternatively, you could put daily spawns in between the usual spawn areas (which are tied to supply drops) to increase the overall density of creature spawns, especially in suburban/rural areas which have fewer supply drops.

I road 12 miles today from L1 up through L2 into L3. This is a shot of the down town area of the town 2 miles north of me. There is a huge amount of drops in that one little spot. If you got right in the middle it all with VIP, you can reach at least 16 drops. The bad thing about that particular spot. Once I get into the middle of it. My data signal dies. That is one of those dead zones. I will call it zone 0. When I mentioned this dead zone, my Pokemon co-workers knew exactly what I was talking about. It is a dead zone for their game also.

I’m torn because I kinda like seeing new dinos around, but I also hate it. On one hand one problem is that the commons are so boosted they take over other dinos, and you rarely see the rare or epic ones. And then you have the problem where the dinos are now locked to a certain day… So you have to wait a week to hunt and if it’s an epic then you’re screwed. And let’s be honest for the most part Saturday and Sunday are good, every other day kinda sucks because the commons aren’t great and that’s what you’ll find most of the time.

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I agree with this. I have already said it but again. They should not be effecting the original spawns. I go out for my usual night hunt looking for velo and tarbo. Instead that bird again everywhere hatze bird, annoying killed some of my joy of my night hunt. Found 2 velo and 2 tarbo in an hour and a half night hunt.

Surrounded by the stupid bird! Please change make it not effect the normal spawns. So we get both? Now that would be interesting.


I opened a thread before, concerning the same topic. The idea is good, but you honestly just farm the common Dino of the day 80% of the time. As you I was on a night hunt for about 90min. 3 Velo and 1 tarbo, but 33 hatzebirds. And maybe 10 Stig gen2. That’s not a good comparison.

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Again I am very much liking the idea but the spawn rate is a bit overkill.

I haven’t seen many L2 rares in the past few days. Before 1.6 my dracorex was racing towards Lvl 20 but is now stuck on Lvl 19

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I really think like you that this is one of the few positive things of the new version next to the new tournaments. Anyway, I think it could be improved if the daily creatures did not occupy the space of the zone ones, but they were added. Today, for example, I am happy to see Anky Gen 2 again but it is a bit annoying that it is now more difficult to find dinosaurs from the area. This improvement currently deserves an EIGHT of valuation and with that change could happen to NINE. To get to TEN, one suggestion would be that every day there would be a SURPRISE dinosair.

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Thanks for the replies and feedback everyone. I hope this thread can get us a small change. I love it but sometimes I do want other Dino’s. I’m just glad no Suchomimus. I can’t complain about all the stegos though haha

It is not perfect, but I do think it is great for giving us a migration and variety.