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Daily migration + Scents

Straight to the topic.


I personally dislike the new daily migration to specific dinos.
It’s incredible rare to see a single epic of the day in the wild. Many people are seeking for specific dinos and if their works or duties made them unavailable to play in that specific day, they will miss the opportunity to obtain the desire dinos.
Of cause, ones will have free little time before bed or on their break. But wild spawn only is nearly impossible.
So simple suggestion to not change much of what ludia wants.

  • Please allow the daily migration creatures available in Scents as well.
    FOR EPIC SCENT only. As the first epic dino is based on local but the rest within 20 mins is pure luck and that’s where the daily dinos should be there.

I don’t need to clarify as this is profitable for the company as many will use scents on the days to find the desired dinos.



Disagree. The daily migration Dinos are way more common then the local ones. Scents are the only viable option if you still want to hunt local rares and epics

That’s one good point. However, my perspective to this is mainly for Epic. Which draw the local epic before the daily Dino anyways.

Maybe my suggestion should apply for epic only?

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According to metahubs new article they would have to do some big changes to how spawns are currently structured for a change like this…considering everything else they need to do this kind of change would most likely take them to patch 1.9 to implement

I was worried about the daily epic (Specifically Sunday’s Anky)
But it ended up being so common I got more Anky DNA inadvertently just hunting down the event Diplo than I would have had I went to a park and bought scents in 1.6.
I’ve changed my mind.
I’m kinda happy with it at the moment.

This is my conclusion as well if anything dailies spawn to frequently… but scents still give us a way to target area specific dinos so this system is actually one of Ludias better designs.

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Your personal opinion, as you say. I can but disagree.

I personally think that the new system is, perhaps not brilliant, but one of the only few thing Ludia got right. There are too many creatures for such a small number of possible spawn points.
Since they don’t want to give us too many spawn points, in previous versions they decided to imprison a bunch of dinosaurs in parks. That didn’t work.

They came up with a solution which is working quite well. Now we have two different game modes:
1- If you’re looking for local dinosaurs you use scents at the local you want.
2- If you look for daily spawns you play as usual, they’re the most abundant on the map by far.

With the local areas rebalance, this is a good way to split spawns. Again, it would be better to have higher chances of finding everything in the wild…but it’s clear that Ludia doesn’t want that (they did add new creatures, but they didn’t add new spawn points for them).

Got exactly 0 Ankys on two Sundays and saw one. Got more Anky as a park spawn as I live close to park.