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Daily migrations and scents

So today i went out and decided to burn a few scents i had been sittinf on hoping for a mix of eli, dilo, tawny and some marsupials…
I used an epic and 2 5 minute ones

I got all the l1 spawns as expected… 2 erlis, concavenator, some stygy gen 2 no real complaints except I didnt even get a tawny out of any of the scents let alone a marsupial… wondering if i just had bad luck
Seemed like despit them spawning around me and i did manage to get a wild spawn lion the scents wasnt working on them.

But Im hoping i just had bad luck.

Maybe it has something to do with them being older scents and not working right with the new spawn migrations or not registering the new spawns when active.

Or, maybe I’m an idiot. We may never know the answers to these questions… :wink:

Well i did get an epic from the strike… and i had an epic… so not sure which one was used either…

I just wanna know if anyone has gotten a daily migration from a scent so i know if sunday/monday need to be days i use my epic scents or not. Lol

I did the same in the hope of a purru or two. 0 and 0 beaver lions. :frowning:

P.s mine were newly bought scents.

Thats discouraging, any tawnys?

I’m getting Postosuchus now in L1. I also just got an Erlikosaurus just a half hour ago here in L1. Those were both L3 spawns. I still have Majugasaurus and Deinocheirus.

Did they migrate the Epics and Rares and leave the commons?

Were traded sino to l3 for erliko… and im not even sure what we lost for posti… but we still got megla and dilo. So yeah commons are the same…metahub has the new local charts up

L2 and l4 swapped ourano for raja…

Then there is the whole daily migration and park changes that are too numerous to list. But again metahub got that too.

I can confirm that I did not get any of the daily migration creatures from the scents I ran today. I bet this is a bug that will change in the future. I’m sure there’s going to be a ton of people burning epic scents hunting for Smilodons next Monday.

Ok @Hersh @Idgt902 @MNBrian
What about you guys or anybody youve talked too today… before i go flagging mods i wanna make sure they just dont have a real low chance of dropping from scents.

We’re researching. If people aren’t getting tany today I’d lean on the side of it’s a separate spawn table. Not certain yet.

There was a migration for sure.

Yeah… i can see why they would… im not even sure what i want… its like Wednesday i dont want the daily migration stuff in my scents… but thursday, sundays and monday i do. Lol

Confirmed. Dailies are not in scent tables.


Thank you… now is this intentional or not lol?

Nope. Lots of majunga/posto/erliko no daily spawns :frowning:

Wow thanks, I expected to use rare scent for Tricera in Sunday…
Now it seems not useful.

Would be better if daily spawn included in scent.

Yesterday I used one rare scent in a park. That really only gave me park exclusive dinosaur.
Then in a area 2 and used common scents that gave me mainly stygi and draco and one erliko gen 2.

Well, that’s great news! In a way, at least. Daily dinosaurs take a huge portion of all the spawns on the map (add weekly “roaming events”). If they took it as well from scents it would be difficult (nearly impossible) to farm local dinosaurs.

I have noticed a reduction in velociraptor and tarbo at night. At least we can farm them with the free scents. Same goes for draco g2, etc.
Sure, it’s a pity not being able to pull some extra Darwin…but it’s better to get double ourano!

Happy about these changes. It seems they are finally figuring out how to balance spawns properly.

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May be they’ll start selling daily scents. For example, every day you can buy a scent of that day of the week.

That’s frustrating. I have never seen one of the epic event spawns. I get the commons and rares but never the epics. I didn’t see a single sino epic when it was the thor event, a single monoloph or darwin for the more recent ones. I haven’t seen any of the new daily roaming epics (yesterday I got 10 epics, today so far I’ve gotten 8, none of them were the roaming ones). Does this mean I’m destined to never get any anky or darwin? I needs these for my unique making. I was planning to pop epic scents on those days (going to the zone with ourano).