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Daily mission: 12 battles

Sorry, I don’t have 2 hours plus of free time to complete 12 battles.

Please, either don’t give this daily mission or reduce the number of battles required until you get the battle matchmaking/timeout issues worked out.


Do the strike Tower events everyday to knock those out quickly. The scent strikes and the low level strikes are easy

do you have a team of all tragos or summat?


I just put lowest dinos and lose 12 times Fast or just the amount I need

There were only 4 strike battles today. It took nearly 20 minutes to complete 3 battles. So I still had 5 more battles to go. After 5 timeouts I gave up and posted.

However, I do need to update that something did happen. When I went to check my other missions, the 12 Battle Mission was complete and it said I had done 20 battles. So I’m wondering if those timed out battles that I never got into a battle on were actually counting towards the battles for the mission.

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No I don’t but I don’t know what that has to do with not being matched up for battles which is what is causing the extended time needed issue.