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Daily mission - 645 epic dna

Hi, isn’t it crazy to complete one of the daily mission on 645 epic dna!! Where to get it? Epic dino is hardly seen here and to get 645 dna, you will need to have a least 6 to 10 epic dino??? Pls help

I agree this is one of the new daily mission goals which is not easy and comparable to rest of the goals especially with the scarcity of Epic spawns in the latest patches.

There are alternate ways to achieve the Epic DNA goal:

  • Fusing hybrids (which is the only feasible alternative at the cost of loosing DNA/coins)
  • Daily battle incubator, 8 hr incubator (still the goal is high).

Hey there, @Chye, I can totally understand your concern regarding this, but as @torque said, you can also obtain Epic DNA for this Mission by fusing dinosaurs and obtaining it from incubators.

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I seriously wanna see that poll results. I just can‘t believe people actually voted for this.


Omg, I havent seen that one yet…I seldom, if ever, see epic dinos spawn anywhere…I’d like to see who voted for that too…cuz that’s a day I will have to not get the free dna, cuz I can’t find epic dinos

Are you serious? Both of these suggestion requires coins/hardcash! And with the current epic spawn rate this mission is not quite doable without opening incubators (with hardcash) or fuse and lvl up epic dinos (unnecessairly). Other missions can be accelereted this way, yeah, but this one needs it in the long run. Who came up with this idea and why???

Still the Target Amount of Epic DNA set in Daily Mission is too high/not proportionate to other requirements of Rare, Common DNA. It should be reduced to max 100 or so.
Include this Epic goal only on days when Epic Dinos are part of Strike Events, weekly dinos to make it a bit easier.

  • Even when I take out 1-2 hours to play including moving around, I seldomly encounter an Epic dino. Option: Increase the Epic Spawns.

  • Through Battle Incubators, we can get max of around 40 -60 Epic DNAs on an average in a day. Option: Increase the Epic DNA reward in Incubators.

  • For Hybrid fuse, it takes 200 Common DNA/fuse or 50 Rare DNA/fuse. Assuming we reach this goal in 40 fuses, it would take 16K common DNA or 4K rare DNA which is too much to invest on frequent basis leaving aside the coins required.

In short, this goal should be removed or target reduced to 100-200 Epic DNA.


Hi @John, fusing requires coins and the DNA, which is (quite a lot of) work beforehand as well. And some/many players (like me) don’t have many epic hybrids to fuse on available, as they are all ready to lvl up already and can’t be fused at the moment. I would have to spend 50k (minimum) first in order to be able to fuse again.

As a reminder: With 1.6 it was said, that daily missions have been reworked, in order to make them achievable within 2x 10-30 minutes play

The “collect 645 epic DNA” mission is nowhere near in line with that.

Here’s the Quote:


  1. As mentioned by @torque reduce the goal to 100 (at the most 200) DNA - That’s somehow in line with your 1.6 release notes.
  2. Make fuses possible all time (even if fused Dino is already ready for lvl up). That way we got at least a slightly easier/cheaper way to fuse on epic hybrids.

Wow, their reason for the raise in criteria is actually non-sense.

Daily mission should be an incentive for player to PLAY DAILY, hence it should be something easy enough for them to complete on a daily basis, nothing demanding. You just want them to log in the game and spend some time, not asking them to do a job after their real work in life.

This epic dna requirement is obnoxious because it is not something that makes you want to play daily. It is more like a challenge which shouldn’t be a goal to achieve in a daily mission. I wonder what are they really thinking behind this addition besides asking players to pay for incubators, but that’s so repulsing I can’t imagine they really want that DAILY.


Hey everyone,

Thanks for expanding on your thoughts! I’ll definitely be voicing your concerns regarding this particular Daily Mission with our Developers.

Sometimes I feel the communication lacks in your company. While someone creates surveys to find out what players want, someone else will implement opposite things into the game. Like the same with the reduced amount of strike events. Nobody ever asked for less, we asked for more. Players are asked which missions keep them from finishing daily tasks, very hard one gets implemented. I get you guys want to raise profits, but what’s the point of surveys then? @John

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Well…it is hard to collect 645 epic DNA each day… isn’t it? (Haven’t seen epic in the wild for a month)

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It counts for spending DNA to create or increase an Epic hybrid.


Fairly certain rare alliance requests count too - not sure about rare DNA from incubators …

Rare event days count too.

Hm… I tried with the leveling up the epic - not wanting actually but I sacrificed coins to see how does it work. I had 90 epics DNA collected and after the upgrade I received only 1 epics DNA to the sum. No, collecting rared doesn’t help. So incubators or wilderness…or yeah… spending real cash and BUYING (that was the trick).

He didnt mean leveling an epic but fusing dna for one like dimo… christmas chicken… edmoniguanna… ect. Its any epic fuses will earn you epic dna.

@PQC this is for the daily to collect epic dna not rare dna it started showing up the other day for some of us.

I tried with another option with “creating” and it works, now I need to create not wanted epics… doh

I have figured out and replying same time… yes that work but there are only few epics which we can fuse and most are “lame”…

Sorry. Yes, that is what I meant. Couldn’t think of the term.

Ah sorry - misread; that much epic could certainly be an issue!