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Daily Mission allocation issue

I have been fusing many rares and I have been darting many rares. The number stays the same. Please fix this issue because it is what has been hindering me from completing missions. It has fleeced me of daily rewards on a daily basis.

Hey SicilianBeast, could you try restarting your game and see if the number changes? If you’re still having issues after restarting, please contact our support team at so our team can try and assist you.

I have restarted the game 3 times already and it still persists.

Ok I sent my support key @Ned.
Thanks for getting back to me

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Ok it seems like it fixed itself @Ned . Apparently it only works when darting dinos and not fusing or filling DNA requests. I wish it was multi-factored in order to get the DNA. I mean it is for alliance missions but not for dailys.

Fusing dinos did contribute to that mission when I had it yesterday. Are you sure you were fusing for rare hybrids? Remember you have to be producing rare DNA, not using it up.

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Yes I am sure I was fusing rare dinos.

Ah I see where I went wrong. I was fusing the rare dinos not the hybrids. Makes sense

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