Daily Mission Bug?

Did anyone else’s daily mission go to having to do a huge list instead of the normal 5 or so? I suddenly have 9 missions to do.

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Not sure about this but when alliance missions just finishes the game appears to have:

  1. Bought the daily gift symbol back up but you can’t collect it.
  2. Alliance missions say they end again in an hour.

I have this issue as well, went from 6 missions up to 9, even though I completed everything yesterday. (The only time they go up for me is when I don’t complete something.)

Yeah same issue with daily gift. Collected incubator this morning. Now it’s showing another reward I can’t collect. There’s always glitches that happen around DST.

Same here! I had only 1 more mission to clear but suddenly it reset when I logged back in. And yeah it shows 9 missions…

Yep me too, so many mission

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I got the same issue

My alliance rewards (mission and tournament) disappeared before I could collect them. I can’t collect the daily gift, although it shows that it’s ready.
Just as bad, the number of supply drops and strike events have either disappeared or strategically been placed just outside of my reach. Please fix all of this.

Hey DPG members, this was brought up to our team. :mag: :eye:

Same for me. I was almost done and now I have a long list to complete.

Ok so now the mission rewards go straight to this weeks without being able to collect for last week? @Ned

I also haven’t been able to battle at all now too. I keep getting timed out. 6 times in a row now after waiting for the countdown. There’s no AI option now. Anyone having this too?

K the battle part might be a bug but the alliance missions are because of daylight saving time

Normal 5?! I’ve always thought that the normal was getting 8 and 9 daily missions, it’s always been like that with me at least.

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I’m having the same problem, very frustrating