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Daily Mission Dino


I know that someone has already posted about getting another dinosaur besides Alanqa for our daily mission reward, but its a new month and we still have the same dinosaur. Plus, for the first week of January, its one of the featured dinosaurs… I know that some say to not complain because its free dna, but it really isn’t. For today and yesterday, the required incubator openings was 12 each day. It would be one thing if they included opening the incubators from strike towers (which they should).

DNA Rewards for completing daily missions

Ludia wants you to pay cold Hard Cash in order to complete the missions.


That’s not the quests I got. What quests you get depends on what you completed the previous day. It keeps going up and up till it resets when you fail to complete the mission


Uh huh! And you can open incubators with Hard Cash…

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It’s not good wasting Hard Cash it takes long enough to collect as it is. You shouldn’t have to Pay to complete missions!


Does anybody else feel that the alanqa DNA rewards have gone on long enough ?..there needs to be more variety to keep this feature fresh and to give a reason for completing the daily tasks eeeevvvveerrrryyy day

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Honestly, I stopped doing them weeks ago.

I’ll probably regret it later when everyone has 100k Alan DNA.

They scale too quickly and are more of an annoyance than anything.

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If it becomes a part of a unique, then everybody will wish they had gotten more.


At the beginning, I was trying to do them all every day… lost motivation and take too much time to do all the battle and supply drop. I still do the dart ones and the incubator when I know it’s feasible. And those who unlock itself like collect coins or darts.


These daily missions fell by the way side because of the cold and snow and the amount needed for these missions are decreasing slowly. Eventually I may be able to complete them all even though I’m not playing so much.