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Daily Mission DNA rotation: Stygimoloch

With Ludia making a wide assortment of desirable Epic DNA available as our Daily Mission rewards (super awesome incentives!), could I make a suggestion for one of the, if not THE, next cycles? Stygimoloch.

Ever since the addition of Alanqa & Pachy DNA to Battle Incubators, Stygi has become sooooo much more difficult to obtain. The 1st Epic DNA was Alanqa, one of the incubator-exclusive epics, and with the last few being the early introduced Epics in the game and Stygi also being one of the early Epics to the game, perhaps we could make Stygi obtainable through these means?


I’d love Irritator! It’s been too long since it’s been featured!


Trust me, so would I. I’m a floozy for the annoying lizard. But going off the concept of Epic DNA, figured this would be a good route


I’m fine with that as long as we get Erlik for some weeks first. I wish they would let us choose which epic we want every day. That would be much more useful.


This concept is not bad! Suppose Ludia provide us with a bracket of five (epic A, epic B, epic C, epic D, epic E) each time and we can choose anyone of these everyday (this combination goes on for 3-5 weeks). Then rotates to another bracket (epic F, epic G, epic H, epic I, epic J), and so on. I think most players can get what they want and have less complaints.

Even players can vote for the content of the bracket every month, if Ludia would love to open this decision making rights to us. On the other hand, these epic candidates must be a natural epic and not fused from other dinos.


I couldn’t agree more. Choice is what this game needs most.

Player A wants erlik for erlidom

Player B wants stygi for tuoro

More diversification for teams and more fun for the players making tough decisions what DNA to choose.


Yeah, I proposed that in one of their recent surveys… Give us a choice between 2-3 epics… Rex is the one I need most of…

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No, no please no, Stygy is a plague in the epic dna group I have so much of it and a lot mof people also have a lot of it, heck I keep fighting against lvl 20 paramoloch and stygy, and touramoloch is the most common unique I encounter against


I would like to see Darwin as daily reward. Still need to finish Stygidarix, level up Darwin and fuse Pterovexus.


Well I have 17k Trex & 14k Sino but don’t hear me protesting against it :man_shrugging:t2:

So like a charge event for daily missions or feirce or counter or fast or any other week wee get through incubators or featured creatures?

Wouldn’t mind some rex i have managed to run out

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I also would like to have another round of t-rex/anky or kentro because I am working on tryko but still I don’t mind the “free” erliko dna even though I am not working on erlidom and because of this it is still not unlocked. I am happy as long as we get useful dna from daily missions :slight_smile:

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Haha i am the same i am not going to work on 3 dinos that need the same dna its hard enough going for 2 of the same

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You can take all of mine if you want. I see more stygi than alanqa or pachi together.

Agreed, stygi or Darwin would be much appreciated, or even better, giving us players a choice.

Everyone’s needs are different, and to keep us engaged in the daily missions there needs to be some motivation.

The dna I need the most:

Stygi: locked in arena incubators
Darwin : locked in parks
Irritator: locked in arena incubators
Triceratops: locked in parks
Stegosaurus: locked in parks

Since parks spawns are a complete joke, i don’t see much value hunting and wasting my gas. There will always be a drop off of things to do for top players, but inserting some options into the daily mission dna would go a long way.

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Personally I would like more Rexy, but stinkymollusk is good too.

Darwin and Maiasaura are my first choices!

Brachio, Trex, Anky, Erliko not bad either!

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OURANOOOOOOOO!!! Please srsly this must be the most rare useful epic in the wild other than darwin and erliko. Actually Darwin would be a nice reward too


I wouldn’t mind postosuchus DNA, I wanna level up Trystonix & Postimetrodon.

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