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Daily Mission: Donate DNA

I’ve been thinking about this recently. Could we have Donate DNA as an Daily mission activity?


That’ll be too easy.

Sorry, I’ve just read what I put. I’m an numpty, I meant to say daily mission. That way it would help get people donating more.

Note to self: Don’t post when tired and rushed. :blush:

That’s gang up to win, just like Pokemon go, so NO.

I have no problem donating dna (if I have it) but if nobody requests dna or they make requests for dna you don’t have then your locked out of being able to complete the daily mission. It also forces everybody that wants to complete dailies to be in an alliance and not everybody wants to be in an alliance.

I battle between my 2 accounts now to get those 12 battles in. I think this would drive more people to get 2 accounts going.

I haven’t played PoGo since JWA came out so I don’t get that reference. Could you please explain?

It means you have to team up to win. It would be unfair on solos. In jwa im in an alliance, but for non alliances, it would be bad. As for Pokemon go, well. You can’t get a good freaking legendary with good cp without teaming up with 20 players in real life to take it down.

What’s the benefit for not being in an Alliance?

I don’t that would be a good idea, because what if your alliance members are requesting high meta dinos, dimetrodon, bary g2, irritator? I don’t think it would be a good idea to have that as a daily mission.