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Daily mission frustration


I love the game but lately I’ve noticed the trades have been getting less fair, doing the daily missions is something I try to do everyday but lately I haven’t been able to because the trades have been so unfair being either I have to give up 3000 jw loyaltypoints to get 50000 food or 20mill coin and get 7 buildings I get for 100k or have to spend 50 bucks multiple times just to get a fair trade or a trade I don’t mind getting ripped off on. I don’t know how difficult it is to make a fair trading system but I think it would be atleast fair to make the custom trades count towards the daily missions so I get a opportunity to complete it.


I have been doing some data collecting on the trade harbor, hope to have a write up on it this weekend if I have collected enough data by then. I agree the custom trades should count towards that the daily mission completion of doing 3 trades after all they are trades, @Ned (suggestion for the developers).