Daily mission: get 2000 RARE dna

i have this mission like every day
i have this mission yesterday not finished - and i will not finish it today - because i hate it

weeks ago i still was fusing and leveling up my suchotator (so that i can fuse more suchotator to get some RARE dna in order to finish a daily mission) just to get some erlidosaurus DNA (from daily mission reward)

but i really cant afford this anymore
i cant put all my money into suchotator or majundasuchus to get a chance to get a bit of RARE dna

no - there are no rare dinos on the map
yes - i was outside for hours
no - there are just common dinos until wednesday in darting-resupplydrops (green)
no - i wont buy a rare odor capsule for 200 cash every day - in order to finish a daily mission

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There’s a few more rares you can fuse, but yeah it’s a common problem. What I do usually is ask something useless like Edmontosaurus in alliance, that gives you 1000 already if you do it twice.

Definitely do rare requests from your alliance–request dinos that nobody uses so you will get the full amount. Then if you don’t need them for your daily mission, wait to open them until you need rares. You can keep four requests uncollected and the collect when you need them.

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A good choice for dna request is einiosuchus because everyone gets a lot of that from alliance missions and mostly goes unused.


I hear you guys, but I’ve never found it hard to find 3 or 4 rare Dino’s to dart in a 24hr period.

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To me collecting 2000 Rare is most hard Daily Mission.

I hate the rare dna daily, mine has been hovering around 1500+ and it’s a pain. I will say that one suggestion is to not collect your weekly alliance incs and save them for rare dna task days. Even if they’re only level 2 or 3 that extra few hundred helps


One of the main reasons I stopped doing and caring about the daily missions is the difficulty in obtaining that much rare DNA. You can only fuse so much. It’s costly. You can buy it, that’s spendy. You can go beg for it from your alliance, but it’s usually not useful DNA, just something we all have. I enjoy the game far more now not caring about completing all the daily rituals. I play to have fun now. It’s far more enjoyable and less time consuming.

Fuse rares. Suchotator diplotator Einiasuchus purrolyth majundasuchus

Fusing something you need is one thing, fusing just to do it is another.

That is like spending money on a free item. This is free! But you will have to spend a few thousand coins to get it.

I am lucky and have the time to just go out and hunt for it.

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They only last you for so long. Once you hit 2000 requirement and keep getting it why should people be forced to spend coins leveling up the rare hybrids to continue fusing them.

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I mostly just pop battle incubators until I get there. That’s where most of my rare DNA comes from. If you do that while also picking up rare DNA from your alliance mates and maybe do a little fusing to cap it off, it might go by faster than you think.

One little trick I do also is on a day when you don’t have rare dna as a mission, like I don’t have today, before I go to bed i’ll request a rare dino in donations and then that means when I wake up and have new missions, if I have a rare mission i’ve instantly got a few hundred from donations. Of course you may not get the rare mission, but doesn’t hurt to try. That of course then still means you can do a couple of donation requests during the day.

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Not what some might want to hear but I notice if you stop doing the daily missions for a few days, the requirements to reach decrease.

I am doing it. It really helps.

So does the reward, right?

people in my alliance always request suchotator so i just max all theirs. then when we need rare dna i fuse it. all my rare hybrids are level 20 so i think it’s 3k dna i can make each. they are all almost full if not full.

-you get more coins back donating than it cost you to fuse it.
-you create more dna fusing than what you donate.
-you gain xp for fuses.

so in my eyes it’s worth it to just fuse the dna and donate it. you come up on top all the way around.

don’t get me wrong. i hate the rare dna challenge myself. it’s the one we always struggle on as an alliance.

So, no one like it, just try to survive.

When daily missions was introduced they were fun. Kind of micro-motivation: you could make them if you go outside for a half of hour (or less). Now it’s just pain: keeping incubators (alliance, 12/24h), delaying towers, fusing for 15 minutes. They should just cap rares on 1000, common on 3000 (like any other mission).

And now the “playing” mission arrives, and they require max out all (standard and green) drop boxes.

I fused many Rares to meet the missions before. When they reach the levelling point, you have to spend coins to level those Rares in order to continue fusing, and this is costly. Now I have Suchotator, Majungda, Diplotator, Purrolyth and Einia all at this point, I can’t fuse them any more unless I level them up. This mission is annoying.

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it is annoying i agree. did you get your Purrolyth to level 20? it has to be there to get the Gryposuchus. Einiasuchus goes so high until it makes the epic, so i guess 10. if you’re in an alliance ask people to request some of those rare so you can get some coin back and some room to fuse again.