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Daily mission is a scam?

…so a lot of the daily mission is pretty straightforward enough…but daily mission is either ALL or nothing for max reward (epic DNA, and please don’t let it JUST be Alanqa). The parts that irritates me though is the incubator requirement and the number of daily battles. They kinda go hand in hand now if Ludia doens’t want to give away too much DNA then lower the mission reward and lower the requirements…or don’t make it a daily challange, instead maybe a big weekly challenge?

OR for me what would work best (in my opinion) is giving us the option to delete or donate incubators and give the rewards for incubators won rather than opened? Else you just need to keep buying incubators to finish the daily missions. Also I don’t mind getting rid of them because the only ones I actually like are the 8hr and the 24hr ones…strictly for the incubator rewards themselves I mean. The 15min ones are cool for the daily missions themselves but rewards in 15min, 3hr and 12hr really aren’t anything to write home about in my opinion. What you guys think?

If we could delete or donate incubators then we could get more battles done, as it is I don’t like battling when all my incubator slots are full because I live to get the 24hr ones and I’m afraid I miss out when I battle for no reward.


There get to be days where there is no way on Earth I can complete all the requirements and I have to let it slide for a few days until it drops back down to a manageable level. It’s nice that we get Alanqa as it helped me complete Alankylosaurus but it needs to change to something else soon.

You don’t miss out on incubators when they are full. He is the list order if you need it. Not my list btw just sharing.

True but there’s only so much Alanklysaurus one can take, lol…that being said I haven’t unlocked mine yet but it isn’t for lack of Alanqa DNA at all clearly. Personally when it comes to epics the DNA I need most is T Rex, Sinoceratops and…there’s that big one, kinda like a brachiosaurus but spiky? I forget what it’s called but would love more of that DNA to start making bigger better dinos.

Thanks for this, I had seen this list before…but thing is if they update and change the order/frequency then how long before someone notices and posts? And I don’t hang out on this forum daily so I would miss out…also you say you don’t miss out so does that mean that if your slots are full then it just ‘pauses’ the incubator rollout till you have free slots again meaning that you’ll still get all your 24hr incubators when they’re due to you anyway?

Exactly right

Agreed. I’d rather it be T Rex but I can’t see them giving us that. :frowning:

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Well that’s good to know so thanks for this, you’ve been most helpful.

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Well never say never…if they don’t stop giving us Alanqa at some point then I’ll totally lose interest in completing the challenges because currently I’m spending cash to complete them but it simply isn’t worth it just for Alanqa forever.

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Honestly these missions arent tied to arena battles… it takes doing the gps side of the game to complete them all. There is no reason for them to be just giving us arena exclusive dna for this… and id perfer a simple 200. Stego, dilo gen 2, anky gen 2 rotations…or if we go rares there is plenty of them id be happy recieving over alanqa dna.

What? Then I dunno where you’re doing your battles and getting incubators from if NOT The arena, sure strike challenges count but not a whole lot clearly.

Thats how many missions out of 9… arena is only a fraction needed to accomplish all the missions.

Well the point of this post was to talk about completing all the daily missions. Sorry I thought that that was obvious from the post but I guess I should’ve been more specific.

They should make the missions graduated rewards so you go as much as you can and turn in what you get at the end of the day. Say you get 1 green buck for every 2 incubators. So at the end of one day you only open 4 and get 2 green bucks and the next day you manage to open 8 and get 4 green bucks. This with all missions will still push people to strive for more darts, coins, direct hits, friendly battles, daily incubators. etc. Then have Alanqa DNA based on the amount you got out of missions so the more you get from the missions, the more Alanqa you get at the end of the day.

No my point is still accurate… in order to complete all missions you need to do more then just the arena… therefore having the rewards be only arena exclusive dna doesnt make to much since.

Im not a fan of it being arena exclusive because at the moment arena exclusive dna hybrids are all weak and that seems to be a design choice.

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…this makes sense! :+1:

Well the point of my post wasn’t about the mission reward as much as it was the mission requirements…it’s the mission requirements that are my main gripe and the worst requirements are the incubator and battle requirements so that’s arena related for the most part. Even friendly challenges I feel sorry for people who don’t have friends in the game, I have 2 so I beg one of them to challenge me for that one.

The requirements increase daily if completed. Keep completing them, they become unobtainable.

Solution: Stop completing them for a while. The reward seems to stay the same.

…but that’s exactly my point. Daily missions that are unattainable? That’s just frustrating, I’m someone who tries to be efficient so to maximize efficiency you’d think you need to complete daily missions for max rewards…but you simply can’t and that’s frustrating. It makes you not care about the daily rewards at all.

If you complete requirements every day, then once you will get to 100 battles.

Agree that requirements shouldn’t just rise everyday. There should be a max limit for some requirements. That way, when you hit the limit requrements will fall, even if you successfully comlpete al tasks.

While I agree about 15 minutes incubator, I just can’t agree about 12h ones. Some rare dinos are components for hybrids. You can get lucky sometimes.