Daily mission: Is almost imposible to manage

I feel that the task that have to do with the Sanctuaries is so hard becous you need all you can collect and you need the free gift incubatora.
I live in sweden so the daily events ends 07:00 and around 22:00 i still don’t have got thouse last sancturaies that I need.
I lose intresst then this things happend becouse now it dose not feel fair. :confused:
I do everything posible to manage the daily event and in my opinion it should be a posible task with in normal waking hours and now it isn’t.


You don’t get sanctuary missions every day. It’s not that hard if you save sanctuary items untill you need them for daily missions. Same with opening incubators.

I was out at “fair”

Yes but when people got 7 yesterday there was no indication as to how high it would go. Also, if we have to not use interactions when we don’t have them in the daily mission, then that means Ludia is dictating when and how we use sanctuaries.

It never gets to 7:

As I said “people got 7 yesterday”. Doesn’t matter what GamePress says, people actually got 7 yesterday.

I wouldn’t trust Arnold in that matter, he is strange. Never heard of anybody else getting 7.

I had 1 to 6, then a day off as per the GamePress article but today the 3 FIP missions are back at 6 not 1

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Same here. Restart is at six

Can also confirm.

Mine went from 1 to 6 of each, one day with none then today 6 of each.

That’s true, maybe it was just Arnold I saw. I can’t comment on his strangeness though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hold everything everyone says with a bottle of salt in regards to this game, and game press is no different. Wouldnt be the first time theyve reported something that turned out to not be true. Seems like they stay at 6 per day and not reset back down to 0 like reported in that article.

I’m fine with 6 per day if there’s a day break between them, but i’d prefer it to reset to 1 each time, otherwise Ludia is just controlling how and when we use sanctuaries which takes the fun away.

Fine, but I still think a daily mission should be manageble by that you have that day and with a top level effort and not an astronomical effort.

6 can definitely stay longer than one day in a row, but I think once it’s no longer there for a day it resets to 1.

Daily Missions are an incentive to turn the game on on a daily basis and have something (fairly) quickly achievable to do/collect.

It’s what they stated themselves with 1.6 release notes, whe they reworked daily missions. (roughly 2x 10-30 minutes play)

The “FIP 6 times” just adds to the ridiculous “collect 645 epic DNA” which totally contradict this statement, as you have to walk around quite a lot and spin drops, in order to collect those items (maybe you’ll find the 4-6 epics for the 645 on your way…)


Thankfully, I don’t need any more ouranosaurus, cuz keeping track of sanctuary supplies is silly. I’d rather go ahead and be collecting my diplodocus dna 3 at a time than worry about ourano.

You’re not planning on leveling diloracheirus? It’s one of the most used uniques out there.

@Tielenaar I have it at 23 and don’t use it anymore.

Let me guess, rat instead? :slight_smile: