Daily Mission - Open Three Card Packs

Each day one of the Daily Missions is to open three card packs. I opened my first VIP Mystery Pack just after the Daily Missions reset at 6am CDT. I then received the Antarctopelta pack from the tournament (opened at approximately 12:45pm CDT). Shortly after that, I opened my second VIP Mystery Pack. This should have completed the mission. However, I did not receive credit for one of these card packs. I assume it was the tournament pack that didn’t count because I am fairly certain I did receive credit for the early morning pack. @Ned, is the tournament pack supposed to count for the Daily Mission? Do I need to turn in a support ticket?

Pretty sure tournament packs should count.

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That was my thought

I’ve ran into this as well. They should count but don’t seem to. Maybe it’s in the way it is rewarded, coding wise.

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I didn’t notice it not counting today but I also opened the other packs from today’s events in quick succession right after the tournament pack.

Usually I’m the same way. I’ve either opened packs before or right after the tournament pack, but yesterday I hadn’t had an opportunity to work on the PVE

Packs awarded in tournaments have never counted towards the daily mission requirement.

Hey Andy_wan_kenobi, if you haven’t already, could you send an email to our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key so our team can take a closer look?

If you could include the approximate date and time for when you opened those packs, in your email, it would be really helpful.



Thanks. That’s what I needed to know