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Daily Mission Progress lost

I had a bunch of daily mission progress done this morning.

I just logged in and it was lost!

Based on my card pack open time, I KNOW I should have at least 1 of those. AND based on the fact I completed the unlock event, I KNOW I should have a second one!!!

I’m not going to submit a ticket, because they haven’t gotten to my last one (DNA building 15/20 progress lost) and by the time they get to this one, well, I’ll be on a new day’s of daily events.

Something fishy and unstable is going on. :frowning:

I did notice that today my daily missions have updated to being half rewards and half Experience points. My guess is this was updated finally since that is the way they should be until you max out your exp at max level.

Possibly it was updated after the role over this morning after you had already completed a few missions?

Wait, are you saying when I get to (now level 90) that my daily mission rewards will double? That is kind of cool.

The day after you max out your experience, the experience points should be removed from Daily Missions and replaced with resources. If only Code-19 and story missions did the same




this morning I had all my daily missions reset, while I cleared them all last night. Fyi

I’m not sure if it will fix it self in the reset in a few minutes, but at least I get some extra resources from the easy missions. Just no ending card pack.

Edit: the issue persisted until I had to re-authentic in game. If this happens, you should restart your game. Maybe just log in/log out?