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Daily mission reset time

Please let me know the reset time for worldwide.
For example I am living in ASIA and my daily mission reset is 1300hrs (GMT +5.5 hr)

The reason I am asking is because most people will start battles at the arena right after their daily mission resets.
I Try to avoid battles in arena when too many top players are in.

Everybody resets at the same “game” time so everybody around the globe resets together no matter where in the world you are located, but it depends on your time zone for the clock time you reset. My reset time is 1:00AM (which will change to 12:00AM when our clocks are set back one hour next month).

Yeah, it’s at the same moment all over the globe.
I think mine resets at 7am, but I’m usually still asleep. Will even be 6am starting October 27 when daylight savings kicks in.

Thanks all for the reply. I thought the reset time was different across continents.