Daily mission restart time

Bug Description: the daily mission doesn’t restart as usually in the morning (in Italy at 8am ) but 9 hour later in the afternoon at 17

Area is was found in: everywhere

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- enter the app
Step 2 - go to missions panel
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: from the new update

What type of device are you using: iphone 8 plus and a friend of mine on iphone 13

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

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Same here. Used to be 2pm but now moved to same time as map reset at 11pm with 0 warnings. Way to ruin an update, it’s not like the dailies are achievable anyway


Oh damn. Was 7am in UK now it’s 4pm which is in line with all the towers resetting.

Either it’s a bug caused by someone changing code, or it’s intentionally done to align the two and Ludia has once again failed to communicate a change to the player base.

Both highly plausible it seems based on this update


Is this “New daily reset time” a bug or intended by Ludia?
If it’s intended, it’s annoying that it was not communicated before - as many had lost 100 bumpy DNA.


Yeah I’m hoping it’s a bug it will totally wreck my routine with my incs, DBI’s and fipping and why couldn’t the pass be part of the update and be implemented straight away I’ve already done my weekly missions

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If it was intended I think it is good to align them but it is missing something. The supply drops need to reset at the same time as part of the missions most of the time you have to FIP, so you should be able to get the resources from the moment the new missions appear. It is disappointing not to have been warned at all by Ludia of this change as most of us have to follow a routine to achieve our goals finding ways around all the nonsense (daily missions reset at 06:00 UTC, map reset at 15:00 UTC, drop reset at 00:00 UTC). So obviously when they try to aim for a little more sense, we are out of our comfort zone…

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They change alliances like how they did these to missions and I swear a mass exodus is gonna happen

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It will make it near impossible to complete some of the missions now with this reset, the best time for me is before work now that’s not possible

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Yeah it means we have to wait to complete our daily missions at night, as well as the fips some dailies require opening incs which forces players to open them early with any green collected, I had a nice system going get all four incs running them throughout the day and keeping them without opening to cover my dailies not just the open 6 incs it also helps with the coin and dna collection missions it sucks

Exactly, I have to wait before opening my DBI and my 4 battle incubators now until the mission reset. It means I can’t battle as usual as my incubator tray is full at the moment.

Before the update I could play the game on my schedule. Now it appear or feels I am on the game’s schedule. I feel like this is going to become chore. Not a game. Only time will tell if I will be able to complete daily, weekly and monthly tasks.it may be time to idle down my game activity.

Does anyone know if mortem will still be a weekend raid. I only need 5 dna to complete her…


It’s only till Jun 1, unless Ludia has any plans to extend it this month too.

Well said! :grimacing:

It surely feels like that. Like many of us, I used to have all day (from the morning) to complete at my own pace. Now I have to play when the game lets me (in the evening).

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No official confirmation on the daily reset till whether this is a bug or intended one, even though the thread is posted 12 hours before!

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Hey all! The mission restart time was intended.

Thanks :t_rex:

Yet another thing that should be put back to the way it was before

Thanks for the confirmation. Would it be possible to know why the supply drop reset wasn’t changed as well to synchronise everything?

Thanks for replying here, though it should’ve been included in the release notes - because many folks here are suddenly taken aback due to this.

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Pls resent for each country. I’m UK and this means it don’t reset till 2pm tomorrow

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Yeah cant be serious that mission resets where some people only have like 2 hours Daylight left and then do all the mission stuff !

@moderators @Ludia_Developers please fix this asap !