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Daily mission reward change


Honestly I’m just doing it so I don’t loose my streak for the next Dino. Until Smilodon gets hybrid he will just be chilling at level 11 on the bench


Good point about maintaining the streak


I want Smilodon but until a fix is found to allow me to play Arena battles I have to wait until a daily missions set appears which doesn’t want a daily battle incubator to be completed.


Yeah. That does sux.

I wish they would have removed the daily battle inc quest, instead of the friendly match quest.

Or perhaps both of them. But of the two, the Battle INC was the one that needed to go away. :pensive:


The battle incubator would be fine if we could find fair matches


When the game is working fine, I don’t mind either, but some days I have been unable to get a friendly battle due to work shifts and other commitments. What I would like instead is an options that costs, say 4 HC, to remove one a day and counter it as completed with no reward. That would help if you can’t complete that or get enough DNA as examples.


You are unable to play arena matches? Did you open a defect form with support to look into that?


I have and they are still looking into the problem.

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I love the epic kitty! Could be way worse rewards honestly