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Daily mission reward is common Lythronax


Are you really serious for this change?
When I completed it, I got the common 100 DNA instead of anky.

How could you decide extremely nerf the daily mission reward?

No one want it.

For your excellent work reward, I have cancelled my vip membership subscription.
Thank for your kindness not to subscribe it any more.
Well done, Ludia!!!

Lythronax for anky in daily dna?
New Daily Reward?

Don’t forget the date, save your complaining until the 2nd.


Happened to me as well. Despite the date/occasion, it’s not funny! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Ludia, explain yourself!


People need to seriously chill out. Why is a 1 day joke so bad? I swear it’s like some people take this game way too seriously and get butthurt when they don’t get things their way


Haha I had a horrible feeling this might happen, so I completed my daily missions an hour before the event started, got my Anky, and tomorrow will hold off finishing my daily mission until this time tomorrow when hopefully it goes back to Anky.

People gotta think more clever.


Other events are fine.
But the daily mission should have not changed it.
I completed it before 3 pm (GMT) but I got the useless common.

Of course, it is just missing 100 anky. However, I need more anky.

Anyway, I hope this is just one day stupid event.


I agree, it’s not funny at all! :angry::rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Hahaha! You were fooled!

I’m glad I completed it before this, lol


That’s really bad. Middle of the day the reward switched from anky to lythronax.

I liked the fact that daily mission could bring you daily stats this game miss but it’s how you’re rewarded. Bad move.

It could have been a joke when you take the lythronax reward it gave you anky dna instead, but no :unamused:


The worst part is the reward is due for a change… didnt anky start on like 3/4 3/5? Not that i want it to change but if they change it every month the change is due.


I normally complain a bit at a lot of things but I just can’t complain about this one. I find it at least hilariously trolling and its one day everyone. I got this cooking and I need some Tarbo Ludia! Give me some tarbo strike towers this week!

Also, still curious what Friday is doing since it was blank…

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That is the new event schedule… that does not seem to be part of the April fools event. Normal events ie ones without legendaries and uniques will now be only 5 days. If not for the april fools stuff today would have no event dinos.


I thought it was pretty funny.

I was actually hoping that all the spawns would look like lythronax on the map.


Anyone getting mad today deserves to be laughed at! :100::joy:


it might turn into 200 anky tomorrow :man_shrugging:


No I checked, it changed from rex to anky on 11th March, so mid week next week would be the expected change.


Expecting anything but Chaos on April 1st… :smirk:
I bet it changes back tomorrow, and the salt output levels off.

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Yep, not mad at all. Also not going to bother completing the daily missions - I mean what’s the point right?


Trex ran for about 35-36 days and so far anky was only done for 21 days so it’s still early but who knows…lol

Trex started 2/4 - ended on 3/10 9pm PST
Anky showed up on 3/11 morning which means if you collected earlier you could have gotten another Trex but that was the shift to anky


see you’re impersonating a mod? :eye: :eye:

there were actually some really weird orange lythros out right at the start. i cant see them anymore