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Daily mission reward January

Did I miss something or was the new reward after Blue not yet announced? Should change tomorrow or shouldn’t it??

Realistically it should be changing tomorrow, although now they’ve extended blue as the daily mission reward for a week, so whatever we get next the change won’t be happening until the 13th. There hasn’t been an announcement yet on what we will get.

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It changes on 13th, so we won’t find out yet what it will be. But whatever it is, it will only be for 3 weeks.

I saw it posted somewhere that the new creature will be stygimoloch

I hope not. I’ve had enough of them over the last year.


Stygi is going to be the monthly tourney reward

Sure wish they would make a different dino every month utill we’ve had them all then start over instead of the same ol same ol


I still want grypo as the daily but now that it’s a 3 week short daily idk about that. I would want a full month of grypo.

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That’s the tourney reward, we are talking about the daily missions reward.

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Maybe we can guess but we have already had in the past. The Daily missions started in December of 2018. Before June, I don’t know how consistent they were as a reward, through various time periods.

We will be finished with Blue for December and parts of this January.

Made some changes based on feedback.
We had Alanqa in January
We had Tyrannosaurus Rex in February
We had Anklylosaurus in March
We had Erlikosaursus in April which was also followed by Smilodon
Somewhere about this time we had Sinoceratops. There might have been others.
We had Ouranosaurus in June
We had Pachycephalosaurus in July
We had Brachisaurus in September
We had Diplodocus in August
We had Pteradon in October
We had Carbonemys in November
We had Blue in December and parts of January 2020

I think there was Pyroraptor. Need confirmation.
Baryonyx and Secodonosaurus might have been in that mix as well. Need confirmation.

I don’t recall Gryposuchus, Rajasaurus, Concavenator, Koolasuchus, Monolophosaurus, Darwinopterus, Stygimoloch. I thought there was a Kentrosaurus but some people have said no.

I don’t think we could have had Maiasaura.
I know we have not had Wooly Mammoth, Wooly Rhino or Allosaurus Gen 2

Does anybody want to help polish this list up?
In any case. I am guessing one of the Wooly ones might be next.

Pretty sure we’ve never had Kentro.

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We did have smilodon.


Alanqa was the first and it was that way for many months. I remember most of what was stated but not Erliko and I believe we had Maiasaura.

I hope it will be Allo 2

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Maia would be nice to have.

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Does anyone know why we aren’t getting a new one today?
Could it be …



Because it changes on 13th January, just like the alliance rewards.

Well yeah, I know that.

I am asking why it changes on the 13th and not today.

It should have been today shouldn’t it?

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Who are you asking the question to? Because if it’s Ludia you’ll never get the answer.

I assume they returned to the office today but wanted to give it a week before they gotta change stuff like that. Who knows, but what we do know is asking questions here addressed to Ludia is pointless.


Oh yeah, silly me!

Thanks for the reminder GPx


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