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Daily mission reward January

Oh yeah, silly me!

Thanks for the reminder GPx


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Woolly rhino would be perfect as you need level 20 for the hybrid and it’s not available anywhere

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I was gonna advise you buy 10 of the $100 unique incubators but Monolorhino isn’t even in the possible 6.67% pool. :man_shrugging:

I really want Maiasaura I’m sick of Blue :smiley:


Id take rhino, mammoth, allo g2 or maiasaura.


Maiasaura would be great, but let’s wait for a full month before we do that. I’d rather have something pretty useless for January. Maybe postimetrodon.


Stigy will be the monthly reward

Oh ok Thx! My Bad…lol

January - Alanqa
February - Rex
March - Anky
April - Erlik (after 1.7 update to the end of april there was Smilo)
May - I don’t remember
June - Ourano
July - Pachy
August - Diplo
September - Brachy
October - Ptera
November - Nemys
December - Blue

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Hopefully not Stygimoloch. Please don’t.


All I want right now is Woolly Rhino. Or Darwino.

Hm, why everything changes on monday 13th? After they started working again, they are too quiet. Usually that means they are preparing something.

Ludia office just opened up again yesterday after the holidays, they didn’t want to make any changes as a. production just got back in and b. not everyone is back yet.


Hope everyone had a nice holiday (genuinely), now get back to work and answer all the 600 forum topics :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the game runs more smoothly when they are out of the office.

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Hopefully we’ll get those New Year scents that we were promised in supply drops…


Don’t hold your breath.

Too late!
Gasps for air

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In any case the next one will be Wooly Rhino per announcement.

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(Yes this is a clear body sentence)