Daily mission rewards

Are you serious? 3 cash and 100 coins summary for all daily missions?! That’s so generously! Finally we’ll get enough money to evolve every dino !


100 coins and 3 more cash than you had before :rofl: we need to take every little win we can folks. Ludia has us on a tight diet

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It doesn’t seem a lot and I grumbled too when I first saw it, but think about it, complete these every day and you’ll start to collect. Enjoy the freebies.

It’d take 3,223 days to earn enough to open the premium incubator :joy:

Pretty rubbish in all honesty

Or just 1000 days to evolve my 25lvl indo. :smile:
It’s less than 3 years, it won’t take long :rofl:

Hahaha, they’ll have nerfed your indo by then anyways :joy:

It’s not free if they nerf other parts of the game to compensate. We have Alliances now and no dinos to dart. :joy::joy::joy:

They won’t last so long with such price politic and ignoring bugs