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Daily Mission Task Stuck on Rare DNA

Not sure if anyone else is seeing this, but for virtually every day except 1, one of my Daily mission tasks for last 16 days has been stuck on 1750 Rare DNA.

There just isn’t enough Rare DNA available from Dino’s on Map or Incubator challenges. Had hoped with new Dino DNA on daily Mission, would see less of Rare DNA mission task but it remains unchanged.

Ludia can you make changes to Daily Missions and make Rare DNA task, less frequent?

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Fusing will help.
Request for useless Rares.
A Scent will help.

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It apears so often because you don’t complete it. With all the Strike events and such it’s not that hard actually.


Yep, all of the above, especially the fusing. It really helps. I’ve never missed a rare mission as a result.

Also, save opening your battle incubators after you’ve finished the daily tasks if you don’t like spending in-game dollars to open them early (I try not to when I can avoid it, it’s usually a waste). I always fill up my slots and activate them throughout the day, so that by the time the next set of daily missions are available, I can easily collect 4 incubators full of DNA and darts, minus the daily battle incubator and free incubator. If you have all six at once, which sometimes I do, it makes all the daily missions super duper easy to fulfill.

Over the last week I’ve had one Common and every day otherwise has been Rare, and I complete mine. It does seem strange.

I get that mission every 3 days


Done all of the above, fused, delayed opening Incubators but after 15 out of 16 days with daily task stuck on 1750 Rare DNA got nothing left to fuse and uses a lot of in-game coins.
Not sure why others are seeing the Rare DNA task only 1/3 of the time but I am seeing it nearly 95 percent of time !

Request rare DNA every day and do not collect it until you need it for those missions. You can stash 2500 rare that way.