Daily mission too hard

For the most part the missions are difficult but not overly time consuming. However, I find the most irritating ones to be requirements for rare DNA and epic DNA because they are almost completely out of my control. I have spent 2+ hours before walking around and never seeing an epic. I fused as much as I could but cannot get more than this. Can we drop this nonsense from daily missions please?


Just create a hybrid my dude

Might i suggest -


Already fused 503 hybrid DNA my man, I can’t just fuse infinitely. 645DNA is an unrealistic objective for something that’s supposed to be simple.


I don’t need a higher level of any of my epic hybrids, it would be a monumental waste of coins and probably DNA for me to level them up just to fuse some more


I would trade ya if I could. :wink:

I’ll get a other inc from the freebie to close that quest out, but I’m not doing arena anymore, so the battle inc shuts down my daily PvE quest all together. :expressionless:


Story of my life, I usually feel like I get the reward every alternate day. I just don’t give a damn.


hmm. ive never had the epic mission for daily missions, thats dumb…


Agreed, 6 is SO MANY unless you’re checking and playing a lot. It can take a long time too to win a battle and actually get an incubator. Feels bad.

is this a joke i missed about rare dna task, or you REALLY have EPIC task??? :scream:

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For real for real

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My challenge is always rare dna… 1890 today. Never knew the challenge could be epic dna

is that a bug? there’s no sense of having an epic task. :scream:
i never heard about, and never had one of this weird thing. :scream_cat:
collect 600 epic dna to earn another dino’s 100 epic dna?

Nah but it is rare to get. I’ve only had it like 2 or 3 times since alliance missions started.

I’ve never had the epic DNA quest either

Tbh whenever I get a collect rare dna mission, I’ll usually request for gorgosaurus from my alliance (or whichever rare dino you think your alliance will give most), its an easy 500dna to get, n saves me some time to look for rares to dart.

Sincere question here and authentic answers will be much appreciated…

Why don’t y’all try for the daily incs everyday even when it involves battling in the arena? You don’t have to win to get it, just takedown 10 dinos total? I get not wanting to play the game, but as long as I am playing I will always get my dailies in. Especially with the boosts arm race in full effect.


That is true, even if you just barely pay attention if you do enough matches you will rack up those 10 kills.

Don’t even need to win the matches, so long as you kill at least SOMETHING each match, you will make progress.

That being said winning would be ideal since you can get your 15min incubator and some coin, and the 10 kills go faster with 3 kills a match.

I haven’t had the Epic mission in so long. I’ve had 1600+ rare DNA for 4 days straight. Taking most of the day to complete.

The trouble with fusing is eventually you run out of DNA or need 100k of coins to level and carry on fusing.

Personally ive never seen the epic DNA mission, not even once if I recall correctly, so it is indeed rare, thankfully lol.

You could if you are that dedicated, create a 2nd account and have it request the DNA of the hybrid you are fusing, that way when you cant fuse anymore and need to level it, you just send some of it to the alternate account!

Personally though I think its easier to just look for the daily rares and dart them to complete the rare mission.