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Daily mission update/changes?

Are u guys able to complete this task daily?
So ridiculous to keep adding especially the number of incubators to 12/13/14…
If we don’t complete one, is the drop only confined to this mission only or all?
Considering to stop it so all can drop to lowest…

It takes too long to reduce the requirements to reasonable numbers. Once you complete the quest 5 times in a row you’re screwed for life. After that you have to complete one day, rest three, complete two, rest two…and so on.

They need to make the missions where instead of having to achieve a set amount, your rewarded based on what you can achieve each day.

Incubators would be a good example. For every 2 incubators opened, we get 1 green buck. If we can open 10 in one day you can collect 5 green bucks at the end of the day.

For coins, I’ll use the example of direct hits. For every 10 direct hits we get 10 coins. So if we get 209 direct hits, we would get 200 coins at the end of the day or when we collect on what we’ve done.

Then the reward dino DNA would be based on how much of all the items we collected. As an example, 5 DNA for every green buck and 5 DNA for every 100 coins we collected in reward. Something like this.

This would still get everyone wanting to do all these things and do more to get more of the end of the day dino DNA reward.

I’ve gotten to the point, I don’t even get everything and the amounts I need are decreasing. It’s snowing and I’m stuck inside today.

The most annoying is the no. of incubators, and battles required.
Others as long as we dart seems pretty ok to complete, but i just wonder if these will keep adding even we didn’t complete the entire mission…
Question is if we COMPLETE everything, everything will go higher next day?
If we didn’t complete everything, only those we didn’t complete drop or all drop?

Missing out on 80 bird DNA doesn’t seem like it’s worth the hassle for me. If they changed it to like erliko or kentro then I would try a little harder


I think is not easy to have a “cumulative” formula to define rewards, as all are in diff levels.

But they can add some element of fun like:
“Find an Indoraptor” to fight, with 5 indo DNA as reward…
Level up your stegodeus…
Dart 5 velociraptor…

I don’t even need to see what’s in the mission except the incubators and battles, the rest are auto added as long u dart…

Yes, completed tasks go higher next day. Only those uncompleted reduce the requirements.

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A while ago I was thinking about the often ridiculous incubator requirements and was grumbling that it would have been easier if the strike tower incubators counted towards the total when a thought occurred to me.

What if the strike tower incubators not counting was intentional in the hopes that the absurd requirements would encourage more purchases from the store? After all it doesn’t take very long before the number of incubators that you’re expected to open gets unreasonable.

Yeah it was intentional… and if they were giving some more desired dna id be inclined to spend to hard cash to get it… but i dont even bother… im sitting on a big enough stockpile of alanqa as is.

Before the arena DNA was rebalanced I had next to no Alanqa DNA and was swimming in Anky Gen 2. Now it’s practically the reverse.

To a certain point, is no longer fun as “mission” in a game…u just hv to ignore it till is visible to achieve…

Anky gen 2 used to be so common i have a level 20 anklycodon and an 18 alanky. I could level my anklycodon but it seems like a waste of coins as its easier for me to get dna for thor then it atm.

Same reason im currently leveling tragod over stegod atm… tragod is just easier to level atm.

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