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Daily Mission - Use Three Speed-ups

Most/all of us have a daily mission involving using speed-ups. Many days, this leaves me with the choice of watching ads or spending Dinobucks. I hate watching ads, especially for a 20 minute speed-up, assuming they even work. And I’d rather not waste Dinobucks satisfying this mission. My son’s account doesn’t even have the option of watching ads.

The other day I stumbled upon a solution. Use a PVE event that let’s you use three commons (like Claim Your Territory), select your three weakest creatures, and then forfeit the battle. Finishing the battle (win or lose) is dicey because, if the battle lasts longer than 5 minutes, you’ve wasted your chance with level 10 or less commons. This is particularly a problem if you use PVP or the opening round of a tournament with those prize wheels and placing changes. You’re only out coins in most cases (if you use PVE), and it’s not like there’s a win-loss record out there.

It’s incredibly obvious in retrospect, and likely many of you already know about this. But, I wanted to share just in case.

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The ending “free speed up” for the hatchery and the evolution chambers also meet this requirement.

I’m not sure if the ending building speed up does, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t. Make a cheap/fast building and give that a try too.

Yes, but you have to login at just the right time to catch these speed-ups. Once upon a time, the free speed-up was a much greater percentage of the creation time, and so it was easier to catch them. But, that was changed about a year ago to more or less our current system (technically there was a brief intermediate period where nothing went free until the last 5 minutes). This method can be used at anytime, provided you wave events.

Build three security towers. You get free speedup immediatelly on them.


This is what I was trying to say too, I’m pretty sure building count and…

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Most of my PvE battles I use at least one level 1 throw away creature in each battle so I typically satisfy this requirement after clearing the PvE events and if not I will typically do one in the hatchery or evolution chamber at some point through out the day.

Almost always I just use three common throwaways for one of my daily PVP battles, then immediately hit them for my daily speed ups. Get my speed ups out of the way and finish one of my daily PVP battles. Though I too didn’t think of this for a long while. :upside_down_face:

I’ve used the PVP before, but if the battle goes long, the cooldown could be over before I have a chance to use it. If I’m going to throw the battle, I’d rather waste coins than Dinobucks

I know you stated that you hate watching ads, but you might reconsider - assuming they are working for you, which is not a given nowadays. Watching an ad takes ~30 seconds, and many of the other ways you are talking about take at least that long as well. If saving 20 minutes does not do it for you, consider that you are also supporting Ludia by watching an ad. Someone needs to pay the developers, artists, support team, etc., and if you’re not spending a lot of real life money, then watching ads helps.

Just a thought.


I often use my level 10/11 Indoraptors each morning with the daily battles. Then I’ve got a bit over an hour buffer to use speedups on them the next day. That’s where I get my daily speedups at least 90% of the time.