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Daily Missions - Anky


How long do you think Anky will be the daily missions reward? Wondering if I should dart some of him or just count on those rewards to get me enough.


Since Rex was a month, I’m hoping it changes every month. So until end of March? :crossed_fingers:


I assume that it lasts for a month, just like T-rex. So I have darted some Anky today.
Actually, all the Epics are good, I just dart whatever I find.

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i did wonder this myself, just been darting kent and the golden chicken :slight_smile:


Shouldn’t be Anky till mid april? Came to daily missions this week.

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Honestly, with anky still in parks and kent and erli still in their normal locals… if all things stay as is anky should still be a priority to dart… unless you are sitting on a bunch of anky dna and need kentro.

After this event ends your still more likely to see keno in a l1 and erli in l3 then you will see ankys in parks.


Being as it may, I can’t afford to be selective… I would walk around town and straight up hunt Erlikosaurus, but seeing as I can’t roam out to town anytime I want, I had to just hope that I run across an Erliko… I’ve gotten lucky yesterday with 2 instances of a wild Erliko right next to a SE Erliko, but that’s luck I guess. This week must bring out the luck in the game.

Anyway, if anything, I need one more go at Raja so I can finally create Rajakylo. After that, I pray for Erliko to come around.

And I know that it may never happen, but I wish that Erliko was a daily DNA reward for a month ;-;


Mods confirmed that its not here just for the week of the St Patricks event but couldn’t / wouldn’t say more than that; I’m working on the assumption it will be around as long as T-Rex; I need 17 days at least to match with my 1650 Kentro DNA that I got from event.


I guess it was this week that it changed. So I guess through first week of April at least. They start blending together after a while :sweat_smile:

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